Supply Chain of an organization has become extremely complex due to customer-driven market, unpredictable demand, highly competitive business environment, price war, and outsourcing. Organizations need to develop the ability to quickly adapt to the complexity and inculcate the flexibility to make the desired changes in their supply chain. Agility and pragmatic approach in business collaborations along with Supply Chain Visibility and Supply Chain Risk Management will enable organizations to sustain their business and remain competitive in the current economic situation.


It is now of paramount importance for manufacturers to have access to inventory and production capacity of suppliers, information of goods in transit from logistics providers, demand & forecasting and retail sales data from retailers. This gives visibility into the extended supply chain enabling organizations to manage supply chain risk, improve operational efficiency, and rapidly overcome challenges in the customer-driven market.


   Supply Chain Management


Trading networks and cutting-edge integration technologies are being deployed to facilitate secure, faster, and seamless transmission of business information between manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, logistics services providers, and retailers. All the entities connected to the trading network are able to provide enhanced service levels, customer satisfaction, and accuracy at lower cost.


The Supply Chain Management (SCM) Center of Excellence at Cybage comprises domain and technology experts to provide end-to-end offerings for developing, customizing, testing, and maintenance of Supply Chain Planning, Sourcing & Procurement, and Supply Chain Execution solutions across industry verticals.

Supply Chain Management