Any organization that intends to outsource its software product engineering work would look for a right vendor. Eventually, it would also like this vendor to graduate to a partner in the long term. In other words, to realize their business objectives from their outsourcing initiatives, it is imperative for organizations to foster winning, long-term partnerships. It is an important reason why outsourcing decisions are strategic boardroom decisions. Organizations may also strive for a ‘make or buy’ equilibrium to achieve their goals.

Cybage’s ‘will’ or ‘intent’ to do the right thing for its clients is backed by a data driven IT system called ExcelShore®. This is a key differentiator of Cybage. ExcelShore® is deeply ingrained in the DNA of the organization. Decision making – strategic or tactical – happens at Cybage through this business intelligence driven, IT system. ExcelShore® is a dashboard driven system that guides senior managers to make intelligent decisions based on data and trends. The data has been collected and mined over past nine years, and new data continues to be fed into the system creating a closed loop. This has ensured consistent and sophisticated decision making. This improves efficiency at every level of the project execution leading to delivery excellence.

The ExcelShore® system scientifically leverages the entire fact file. Through this, the clients can benefit from every single capability that Cybage possesses. Simultaneously ExcelShore® algorithms and decision making process also minimize risks thereby delivering a measurable ROI to the customer.

ExcelShore Quality  


  • Employee Value-Proposition

  • Recruitment Methodology

  • Rich Attrition Analytics

ExcelShore Speed


  • Structured Team hierarchies

  • Promotion Methodologies

  • Optimized Task Mapping

ExcelShore Consistency 


  • Investment Framework

  • Account Health Monitoring

  • Time Spent Inconsistencies

ExcelShore Risk Management 

Attrition Risk

  • Demand-Supply Normalization

  • Shadow Project Hierarchies

  • Intelligent HR Interventions

ExcelShore Bandwidth Management


  • Smart Bandwidth management

  • Right manager Identification

  • Root-Cause Diagnostic Abilities

ExcelShore Recruitment Analytics


  • Near-Zero' Bench Latency

  • Just-In-Time Resourcing

  • Rich Recruitment Analytics

ExcelShore Value Add Service


  • Horizontal Organized Hierarchies

  • Mandatory Structured Forums

  • Targeted Training Programs