From CEO’s Desk

From the CEO's Desk

Cybage Mission Statement

In an industry where responsiveness, quality, and consistency are the key to survival, Cybage is driven by a mission to deliver above and beyond the industry values and customer expectations.

The key to attaining global leadership in the business world is to adopt strong, innovative, and effective approaches that make the organization stand out. The first instinct of most organizations is to veer more towards being customer-centric. IT service companies behave differently. The fiercely contested battle for talent forces them to oscillate between being customer-centric and employee-centric. Good talent wins more customers and their loyalty. Loyal customers help business grow and, in turn, help retain and add to the talent pool. A strong customer and employee focus together certifies the dual robustness of an organization and ensures maximum productivity within it.

To appreciate the pivotal role that productivity plays in the consistent functioning of an organization, it is vital to understand the variables that are responsible for a customer to consider an organization as the vendor. These are: the overall IT needs, the vendor’s fact file, and the cost. One more key variable lies between the fact files and the cost. It is how the delivery is leveraged from the fact files at a reasonable cost; that is, the ratio of the fact files vs. cost. The customer’s loyalties are not with the vendor’s fact-file, but tied to satisfactory project deliveries at an equitable cost. This is the classic cause and effect analysis! The cause is the ‘fact-file’, the effect is ‘delivery’, and in between resides the cost-fact file comparison and the related productivities of the team and the talent pool. A service provider must focus on all these variables and especially on what lies in between.

In the IT business world, delivery excellence is broadly measured through the fulfillment of the following attributes—quality, speed, consistency, responsiveness, attrition risk, scalability, and value-add dividends with cost as a denominator. Cybage’s thought leadership is rooted in the innovation applied to stretch the productivity of all these attributes that together move towards achieving the customer’s satisfaction and an employee’s fulfillment. The above attribute equation is comprehensively optimized, implemented, and internalized organization-wide at Cybage through a sophisticated business management software system named the ExcelShore® Model of Operational Excellence.

I welcome you to be a part of the journey into the world of IT with ExcelShore®.

Arun Nathani
CEO and Managing Director