Cybage Asha

Any act of goodness, big or small, is never wasted! CybageAsha was founded in October 2003 to fulfill Cybage's moral responsibility towards constructive development of the society. It meticulously conceptualizes, plans, and executes various drives in and around Pune. CybageAsha activities are effectively carried out by Cybagians who volunteer their services for a cause. Deepak Nathani, trustee CybageAsha, guides the dedicated teams in their mission to transform the lives of the deprived.

ybageAsha has made impressive contributions in its endeavor to kindle the ray of hope in the lives of the underprivileged. From adopting a village and conducting various infrastructural, educational, and development programs to improve the standards of living in villages, to providing free medication and counseling to alcohol addicts in slums, to creating awareness about environmental issues, the Trust has always made its presence felt. In its constant and sincere efforts to bring about a positive change, CybageAsha strives to bring smiles on the faces of the orphans, visually impaired, destitute, widows, women’s groups, and HIV/AIDS patients. The Trust collaborates with various NGOs and social service organizations to enhance its beneficiary base.


Rural Development

Rural development in India is of strategic importance for national growth. Even the villages in the vicinity of cosmopolitan cities struggle to have access to education, health facilities, sanitation, and potable water. Hence, one of the main programs run by CybageAsha focuses on village adoption. It is executed to improve the quality of rural life by developing village infrastructure, making villages self-reliant, and bringing about socio-economic transformation by people’s participation. CybageAsha also sensitizes villagers about the importance of general cleanliness and community health. CybageAsha identifies a village that needs aid for betterment and chalks out a broad-level development plan in consultation with the village panchayat. Socio-economic assessment surveys are conducted with the active participation of all the villagers before plan execution. Role-model villages have been developed for other NGOs and village panchayats to emulate. The activities conducted under Rural Development in beneficiary villages include:

  • Upgrading infrastructure of rural schools and providing school kits
  • Constructing toilets and underground drainage systems
  • Repairing water tanks to aid supply of potable water
  • Conducting cleanliness drives
  • Organizing awareness sessions for women and senior citizens and promoting developmental schemes related to agriculture
  • Conducting regular health checkup camps

Alcohol De-addiction

Alcoholism—one of the most dreadful evils plaguing the society—adversely affects the social, economic, and personal life of the addict and the addict’s family. CybageAsha runs a de-addiction program to create awareness about this vice and help people break away from it. Its focus is on slums, where alcoholism is rampant and families here suffer its repercussions such as domestic violence and poverty. CybageAsha also works to set up de-addiction centers in these slums. The volunteers conduct door-to-door drives to identify the addicts and create awareness. Free services of doctors, counseling, and relevant medicines are provided to the addicts. Follow-ups are done on a weekly basis to ensure progress and to motivate alcohol addicts to kick the habit. More than 100 alcoholics have already benefited from this program. The Alcohol De-addiction activities include:

  • Promoting de-addiction issues in slums through
    • Street plays
    • Poster exhibitions
    • Pamphlet distribution
    • Movie screenings
    • Individual and family counseling sessions
    • Felicitation of recovered addicts
  • Setting up alcohol de-addiction centers in various city slums
  • Providing free weekly counseling services
  • Providing free medication to the addicts
  • Conducting regular follow-up visits

Social Welfare

CybageAsha is committed to help the underprivileged—orphans and destitute women and senior citizens—claim their rightful place in society. CybageAsha partners with other social welfare organizations to conduct various programs and grants funds to them to further facilitate the betterment of the disadvantaged. CybageAsha provides educational material to underprivileged children, and brings smiles to the inhabitants of old age homes and orphanages. In the recent past, CybageAsha has been involved in renovating and upgrading the neglected municipal schools in Pune district. It has also introduced a program to provide financial aid for the poor during medical emergencies. The Social Welfare activities include:

  • Organizing recreational activities at orphanages and old age homes
  • Upgrading infrastructure in municipal schools
  • Building community centers to ensure that educational facilities provided reach out to the targeted beneficiaries
  • Donating special hardware to visually impaired and blind schools
  • Organizing donation drives
  • Distributing school kits to children in rural and tribal areas
  • Donating funds to NGOs, hospitals, and the poor during medical emergencies
  • Distributing cycles among construction workers and Cybage office support staff members during festivals
  • Conducting blood donation drives in Cybage on a regular basis


While problems such as environmental pollution and global warming threaten human existence, CybageAsha, through its Go-Green initiative, strives to offer a cleaner and greener environment. The entire Cybage infrastructure reflects the management’s commitment to its Go-Green initiative. Sustainable environmental practices have been adopted for water and energy conservation and promotion of greenery on the Cybage campus. To promote the green cause across the organization, Cybagians are given the opportunity to adopt saplings on special environmental days. Carpooling and the use of bicycles are also encouraged. The Go-Green activities include:

  • Conducting tree plantation drives
  • Celebrating important environment days
  • Promoting the use of eco-friendly and recycled products

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