Smart Content Scheduling using Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP)

This paper discusses how the multi-criteria decision-making model can be used to schedule content more effectively on a channel.

Ad Mediation in Mobile Advertising

This paper discusses the need of Ad Mediation Exchange in mobile advertising.

Right implementation of Automation Testing strategies can help minimize costs

Software testing is getting more and more complicated. Multiple factors are responsible for this situation. User Interfaces (UIs) are getting richer and complex.

Cybage’s Perspective on Emerging Collaborative and Social Enterprise

The emerging social enterprise refers to the organization of this day and age, one that has taken the plunge into a shiny, new social media platform.

Advertising & Marketing - Trends to watch out for in 2015

This newsletter highlights the key developments in the Advertising industry and provides a point of view on how to make the best of this dynamic and buzzing ecosystem.

Emerging Trends in Email Marketing

This whitepaper highlights the emerging trends in email marketing. An Email Service Provider (ESP) must adapt to these trends to keep pace with the changing technical and business landscape and to ensure better customer engagement.

Essentials In-Memory Analytics-Cybage

Availability of the right information at the right time is the key that can unlock the doors to success for any organization.

Ad SDK Integration for Mobile Game Publishers

With growing penetration of mobile gaming, publishers intent to monetize their inventory by integrating preferred mobile Ad Network. This paper discusses integration of Ad SDK for the games/apps built using Unity, ANE, Marmalade and Corona.

Mobile Device Fingerprinting and Unique User Identification

Solving a challenge to uniquely identify a mobile user across mobile web and native apps and helping advertisers and publishers in remarketing, tracking app statistics and user's journey from click to install.

Managing and Achieving Publishing Native Applications and Readers

As more consumers embrace digital content, the prominence of mobile as a channel has reached unprecedented levels.

Social Media and Customer Relationship-Cybage

This paper discusses the rapid rise of social media and its impact on customer relationship.

Optimizing Publishing Processes for the multi-channel World

To say that the publishing industry (newspapers, magazines, books, and print at large) has changed would be an understatement. 


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