Case Studies

A classic implementation of real time analytics and printing solution using Microsoft Reporting Services(MSRS).This has ensured our customer an authorized accessibility to the reports & printing them, optimum utilization of the printing infrastructure & generating the reports irrespective of the location.

The client leads hospitality group sales and distribution automation at the global level. They are committed to enabling service excellence, catering, and sales to its customers. Clients team members concentrate on offering a blend of technology and expertise to the customers facilitating them to attain their objectives.

Business Challenge

  • Inability to deliver reports generated by Client’s ASP hosted environment to printers at various locations across the globe
  • Inability to set up reports to printers
Business Solution
  • An architecture framework that provided report printing to various geographical regions
  • Development of Printer delivery extension for SSRS 2005
  • A configuration application to map reports to printers
Tools and Technologies
  • SQL Server 2005, SSSRS

This end to end BI solution delivered by Cybage of consolidating various databases as one enterprise view, creating appropriate data marts & reporting solution has made a huge impact on the recommendation and solutions being provided by our client to other marketing organizations.

Client’s Global Marketing Operations (GMO) provides strategic recommendations and tactical support to Marketing and Sales organizations to enable optimization of relationship marketing and revenue generation. GMO capitalizes on a number of analytic and technical databases and tools to make it possible to have a full changeover of marketing and sales from intuition-driven to quantity-driven processes and capabilities.
Business Challenge
  • Various reports presented different versions of the same information.
  • Scattered, redundant and inconsistent data.
  • Reporting measures accuracy issues
  • Lack of Central Reporting system
  • Report performance challenges
Business Solution:
  • Effective implementation of Dimension model, Star schema data mart with  pre-calculated/aggregated data
  • Application of Data cleansing and integration techniques
  • Views/Index views for OLTP environment
  • Centralized reporting solution for Marketing and Sales department
  • SharePoint Dashboard and reports
  • Improved reporting performance and user experience
Tools and Technologies
SQL Server 2005, SSIS, SSAS, SSRS

Effective usage of pre-calculated and aggregated schema to optimize Operation Reporting Solution for its best performance and to provide the domain specific intelligent information to the lowest grain required.

The automotive Retail industry in the United States has several providers of on-demand software and data solutions, and the client is one of these leading providers. Client product offers a lot of reporting capabilities to auto dealers. The reports offered give the dealers their sales, inventory, and appraisals-related figures along with other vital information, which help dealers run their business more efficiently.
Business Requirements
  • Existing reporting solution is built on OLTP database
  • Complex business logic implemented in reports in OLTP environment results in performance challenges
  • Inability of users to take operational business decisions right in time due to unavailability of right information and unfriendly user interface of reporting solution.
Business Solution
  • Star schema based datamart design and  implementation
  • Pre-calculated/aggregated data layer
  • OLAP reporting solution based on cubes
  • Implementation of better report visualization techniques
Tools and Technologies
SQL Server 2005, SSIS, SSAS, SSRS

In this era of Information Technology, security of confidential information is a primary requirement. Implementation of Data scrambling / masking mechanism at development and testing phases allowed gaining the desired faith from customers. This enabled client to get Datawarehousing and BI reporting work done from a remote location without facing any challenges of data security and protection of IP.

Client is a leading service provider in Information Technology. Client is working on a project to automate processes/activities in IT Project Management. The project has a dedicated team to serve internal needs from different departments. The data in the system is highly confidential and cannot be exposed to Dev or QA environment As-Is. 
Business Challenge
  • To create a development and test environment where in the test data scenarios are close to production data/replicate production data, without exposing any sensitive information from the production database.
Business Solution
  • Development of Data scrambling / masking framework
  • Implementation of various data scrambling techniques on Production database to create Dev, QA test data
  • Configurable and reusable data scrambling framework
Tools and Technologies
SQL Server 2005, PL/SQL

The solution helped enriching the data quality management process and improving dashboard usage effectiveness.  A robust ETL process being implemented helped various key stakeholders monitor their KPIs effectively; and plan, monitor, and control the execution in better way.

Client is a leading global media investment management company in the Media and Entertainment industry located worldwide. Client has its specialist services in various media and entertainment budget planning and optimization, which help in in-depth analysis of market spending and ensure better ROI.
Business Requirements
  • Huge amount of data and lot of manual intervention involved in verification, cleansing and formatting the raw data
  • Current process limitations in terms of large data transformations and processing
  • Traditional approach of data processing
Business Solution
  • Development of an ETL SQL framework
  • SSIS Implementation - Faster & Efficient data processing
  • Implementation of complex transformation logic using SSIS
  • Reusable data-cleaning programs, making future data updates from the same data sources in the similar formats fast and affordable.
Tools and Technologies
SQL Server 2005, SSIS

US based leading BI reporting solution provider teams up with Cybage for their development and quality assurance needs.

Client is a leading BI reporting vendor. The client delivers integrated BI solutions to all advanced and reporting analytical needs and business data queries and distributes insight to users on-the-go and at their desks. The client supplies the most robust, consummate solutions for BI to a very large number of technology and integration partners and customers across the globe.
Business Challenge
  • Complete ownership of Quality Assurance of vast and feature rich BI product to speed up the release cycles.
  • Need of Technical expertise for Widget Development.
  • Evolving development , quality assurance and documentation needs based on the dynamic market trend
  • Lack of Technical Documentation and User Manuals
Business Solution
  • Created the framework and processes for Quality Assurance of the product.
  • Quality Assurance of the product on variety of test configurations including
    • Server setup: Windows , Sun solaris, AIX, HP-UX, and Linux (RedHat, Suse).
    • Web servers: Apache, IIS, IPlanet, Weblogic, IBM Websphere, Sun Java system application server, Tomcat etc.
    • Databases: Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, MS access, etc
  • End to end QA right from Sanity, Regression , Acceptance, Compatibility, Documentation, Performance and Automation testing