“Overall, fantastic job. The team is getting a great deal of work done, and doing so largely independently as a self-sustaining group.”

MIS Director, A leading Healthcare company in US.

“The team has been a pleasure to work with and I look forward to continuing our relationship in the new year! Overall I think the team is doing well. I feel that everyone on the team has developed their skills at implementing well defined changes to the point in a quick timeframe.”

Business Analyst, A leading Healthcare company in US.

“We have had an excellent working relationship with Cybage, which has made it much easier for the New Zealand QA team to achieve our objectives of increasing the amount and quality of the testing of the CRM product.”

Product QA Manager, A leading CRM Solution provider.

“Having worked in outsourced testing for now 4.5 years I know how dedication, commitment and your personal learning agility have contributed significantly to what (should/proves) to be implementation success. The factors I mention above are not always evident, or as strong in other organizations/outsource groups. As such you are a credit to your organization.
I thank you again for your hard work, and for the extra hours you have put in for me on these projects. But mainly for your rapid learning, progressive process enhancement and communication with the UK, that has been the key contributor to what is good overall software quality.”

QA Manager, A leading CRM Solution provider.

“ I want to extend my thanks to the whole Cybage team for all your hard work over the last three years. I remain impressed by the work ethic, positive attitude, and courteousness of the team.”

Director of Development, A leading CRM solutions provider.

“I wanted to take a long overdue minute to recognize everyone who has been working on the Promius implementation. We had tight timelines from the start and everyone has been working extremely hard, oftentimes on their own time, to keep the project moving along. It is greatly appreciated.”

Group Manager, A leading CRM solutions provider.

“Cybage resource consistently excels in his work on Salesforce support. He handles this single handedly for the last couple of years without a proper team. He has done a fantastic job in automation, which involved lots of R&D and is pushed live to production last month. The automation greatly reduced the burden on the support teams and received great feedback from Salesforce users.”

CEO, of a CRM implementation partner to Salesforce.