Core Commerce Expertise

The E-commerce solutions space continues to evolve at a rapid pace. New business models, new methods of acquiring, converting, fulfilling & retaining shoppers continue to evolve rapidly bringing in incrementally extensive specialization, complexity and maturity in e-commerce building blocks solutions. The maturity of these constituting building blocks today determines the maturity of the commerce platforms. Strong core-commerce business process understanding, knowledge & experience with contemporary methods, practices & solutions thus forms the key to successful e-commerce implementations today.
Over the years Cybage has focussed extensively both as a solutions provider of full life-cycle e-commerce solutions (custom and integrations based) as well as specialized integrator & solutions provider for core-commerce building blocks. We bring extensive domain knowledge, implementation & integrations expertise and extensive experience and knowledge of contemporary solutions, approaches and best practices for core-commerce solutions and core-commerce solution building blocks segments. Our expertise includes extensive experience on creating, maintaining and enhancing solutions for the following e-commerce segments:

eMarketing: email Marketing, Web Analytics, Infomediaries, Search Engine Solutions, Search Engine marketing, Internet Advertisement, Online surveys, Retail feeds, Search Connectors

Content Management: Content Management System, Content Syndication, Content aggregators, Content tagging solutions

Catalog Management: Price Management, Catalog management, Catalog Search solutions, Product Information Management Solutions, Content targeting

Merchandising: Cross & UpSell management, StoreSpace management, Promotions Management, Product Personalization, Automated Recommendations, Guided Navigation, Morphed store solutions, Rapid ordering solutions, E-commerce 2.0 solutions, Webstore enhancers

Order & Fulfilment management: Inventory management, Ordering, Taxation, Shipping & Handling, Fulfilment solutions

Payment & Fraud: Payment gateway integrations, Payment processing platform development, Fraud solutions integrations, Operations risk management solutions, Specialized Business Support Operations

Emerging Commerce formats:Social Commerce, Mobile Commerce, Video Commerce

Enterprise Management Solutions: Environment management solutions, Enterprise Data management, Analysis and Planning Solutions, Business Optimization Solutions, Fulfilment optimization, Operations Support Solutions, Commission Management, Finance & accounting solutions

Commerce CRM Solutions: Self Service solutions, Service centre solutions, Tele Ordering, Integrated Chat, Order Management, Supplier Relationship Management solutions