The e-commerce industry continues to grow at a rapid pace translating the rules of traditional retailing and enabling merchants to tap into customer segments, demographics and regions that were difficult to access through the traditional retailing methods. As the rapid Internet Penetration, the widening network of online payment solutions, the progressively wider acceptance of online commerce and the maturity in fulfillment solutions provide a robust backbone for wider and rapid adoption of e-commerce, merchants today are also faced with some of the most unique challenges retailing has ever witnessed.
E-commerce business houses small or big, generic or specialized, today need to deal with fierce global competition right at the doorstep. Rapid loss of differentiation, extremely price sensitive fickle customer loyalty, evolving global regulations, short product lifecycles and dropping margins are just some of the significant business challenges that e-commerce business today need to deal with upfront. These challenges require merchants to develop unique strategies to liaison with partners & service providers and adopt radical strategies for eMarketing, Internet Advertisement, Brand identity management, pricing, fulfillment, payments, channel convergence, customer behaviour analysis & personalization and an online as well as offline shopping experience besides core commerce that is beyond the realms of traditional e-commerce.
Cybage understands these challenges of today’s fast paced e-commerce industry in great detail. We understand successful e-commerce today is not merely an orchestration of retailing products online but modeling and e-enabling of a very complex, liaison oriented and rapidly changing business solution, online. The demand that such a challenge presents on IT solutions, Infrastructure management, Support services, Professional services, Back office operations and customer support solutions requires deep understanding of the domain and specialized expertise and experience in enabling these solutions.
Cybage's brings this extensive e-commerce expertise with years of focused knowledge assimilation and extensive experience in providing full life cycle e-commerce and e-business enabling solutions & services to an array of customers spread across USA, UK and the EU.
Today some of the leading global e-commerce solutions providers and e-commerce merchants trust Cybage as a technology and solution provider for their extensive e-commerce needs. Talk to Cybage today and explore how we can make a difference in enabling your e-commerce vision.
Quick facts
  • 800+ person years of experience in building business aligned scalable and cutting edge solutions for the e-commerce Industries
  • Over 15 customers spread across USA, UK and Europe
  • 540+ domain experts comprises ecommerce Solution Architects, Business Analysts, Functional Experts and PCI specialists including Certified Payment-Card Industry Security Implementers
  • Specialized expertise in other complementing segments including Retail, SCM, Logistics, BFSI & Security
ExcelShore™ Model of Operational Excellence
Cybage delivers value under its business practices leveraging its industry differentiation. Our ExcelShore® model of Operational Excellence remarkably differentiates us from our peers in the industry globally. All projects at Cybage are executed leveraging ExcelShore model. ExcelShore is robust software delivery model that has been tested and perfected over the years since 1995. It puts Cybage’s core of operational excellence at work in executing software projects, thereby enabling clients to realize their business objectives from the outsourcing relationship.
As soon as the relationship begins, ExcelShore® puts the customer objectives right on top. The sophisticated algorithmic software powered system gets into action and lays out various dynamics of the project execution for the relationship. Each module within the system is designed to provide key insights into each stage through which the offshore software engagement passes through. It provides a comprehensive and sophisticated dashboard which provides project KPIs, as the data gets generated during the inception of the project (like team composition, skill sets, milestones etc.) and during the execution of project (like project attrition, performance appraisal, scaling up, new recruitment, risk forecasting etc.). Thus, ExcelShore® empowers stakeholders across the hierarchy to keep a tab over the projects in their respective roles and responsibilities, leading to the relationship meeting with its inherent objectives and thereby growing consistently over a period of time..
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To know more about Cybage’s E-commerce expertise write to us at: ecommerce@cybage.com