Integrations Expertise

The E-commerce business landscape today has evolved into an amalgamation of some very specialized disciplines such as Supply Chain Management, eMarketing, Payments, Fraud, Accounting, Taxation, Compliance and CRM to name a few, besides the highly evolved core-commerce solutions space itself. Given the level of specialization and maturity in these disciplines, developing specialized and full featured implementations of these constituting building blocks can substantially offset the business focus as well as the time to market for e-commerce solutions.
Successful e-commerce solutions thus require one to have the ability to rapidly deploy and integrate solutions for these specialized building blocks that are available both from the open source community as well as third party solutions providers which offer these solutions both as Shrink-wrapped Softwares and as On-Demand SaaS solutions. Adequately leveraging the extensive solutions in the E-commerce building blocks space requires the implementation provider to have extensive knowledge of underlying business processes, strong expertise in integration architectures, frameworks and solutions along with strong knowledge and experience of using industry standard commerce building block solutions.
Cybage brings in extensive expertise in systems Integrations with years of experience in developing and leveraging Integration platforms and frameworks using contemporary Integration architectures, solutions and best practises.
Our E-commerce practise leverages this extensive integration’s expertise, coupled with our deep understanding of the e-commerce domain and leading e-commerce building blocks solutions to provide solutions consulting and implementation expertise to help choose appropriate building blocks and support rapid integrations, minimizing integrations risks and also the time to market.
Expertise summary
  • Extensive expertise in contemporary commerce building blocks, service and leading solutions providers
  • Strong integrations expertise with extensive experience on developing custom integration frameworks and using contemporary integrations solutions, frameworks and architectures such as SOA, Message Oriented Middleware, Business Process Management engines, Complex Event Processing Engines, Workflow engines, Data transformation engine, Multi protocol integration engines
  • Evolved practices, tools and methodologies for testing multi-party integrations spread across multiple delivery teams
  • Strong e-commerce building block integrations experience that includes the following:
    • eBusiness Integrations: Integrated resellers, Outsourced e-commerce solutions, Physical On-Demand, Media Publishing Solutions, Fraud Solutions, Fulfilment solutions providers
    • eMarketing Integrations: Affiliate solutions, Paid Search Integrations, Full Text Search engines, WebAnalytics , Search Connectors, Personalized catalog Solutions, Social commerce networks
    • Enterprise Solution Integrations: Cross-channel Inventory solutions (Real time and batched), Payment solutions (gateways, processors, micro payment and e-currency solutions), Multi processor and multi currency integrations, Commerce Hubs, Direct Vendor Integrations, Warehouse Management Systems, Content Syndication solutions, Shipping and Handling providers, Taxation solutions
    • Other Integrations: ERP Platforms integrations, CRM Solutions, SCM & WMS Platforms
    • Integrations Suites: Custom, EDI based, Gentran Integration Suite, Cyclone Commerce, DataJunction, IBM DataStage (Mercator) , MOM (MS BizTalk, IBM MQSeries)