Enterprise Business Solutions


Today’s CIOs are faced with many challenges – High cost of maintenance, interacting with disparate and legacy applications, unavailability of unified reporting and data analysis and most importantly budgetary issues. Even more important is the role a CIO has to play – whether as a business strategist or as a technology strategist. Ignore one and the other suffers too.

Every CIO recognizes that software enablers are essential to run an organization effectively. Tough competition, need to reduce the time-to-market and harsh economic conditions are the realities a CIO faces. Today’s CIOs are being challenged to reduce the operating expenses and streamline processes. At the same time, a CIO will also be asked to add value to business delivery and help position technology as a strategic enabler. This has made it imperative for a CIO to think out of the box and sometimes even redefine the box.
At Cybage, we offer unique Enterprise Business Solutions for the CIOs and Operations Managers. Our software enablers and services will not only result in cost saving, but also in efficiency improvement and better decision making. Our services are designed to help reduce clutter and to allow you to focus more on strategic thinking and driving innovation for competitive advantage. This will help achieve two goals – internal transformation for effective functioning and helping customers through a focused business strategy. With our expertise, transform the way your enterprise is run!
As Enterprise Business Solutions, we offer:
Outsource maintenance and development of generic applications to save costs and to allow your staff to focus on more strategic business directions. The legacy applications can also be upgraded to suitable current technologies to gain more mileage. This area can help you create customized business applications – business process automation, exclusive reporting for the executive team, tracking and monitoring new initiatives, ROI and productivity. As businesses change, often existing systems do not satisfy the needs as per the business scenario. With Cybage’s proven expertise in technical areas such as .NET Framework, J2EE, LAMP etc. you can take care of your customized needs and enjoy the benefit of better control and ability to make correct and efficient decisions.
Collaboration in a large organization may be difficult because of the need of sheer reach over geography or across volume. Enterprise Portals provide a perfect solution to this. Breakdown the barriers and help your staff to communicate effectively using corporate enterprise portals. The secure access to portals will allow sharing of data and build cohesion in the organization. Enterprise Portals can be gateways to different systems. In addition, integrated dashboard representation and reports will give you exact progress and status of your projects. The portals also allow many self-service applications freeing up the middle-management staff to focus more on the business. Make use of the portals to effectively collaborate with your customers and clients also and keep them informed of upcoming products and new developments.
For an organization to run effectively, the business processes should encompass multiple lines of business and communicate well with each other. It’s no secret that approaching IT through business processes results into better value creation for both the business as well as IT. And enabling creation of such processes and strategies through a common platform of Enterprise wide Service Orientation and Web Services Implementation is an added advantage. The protocols defined by IT through an SOA approach will ensure that policies, practices and frameworks will be uniform across lines of business. Service orientation will put the business in charge of driving the software and leave the technicalities to the technical teams. This will allow the business community to control the lines of business and through a portfolio of reusable services. Moreover, it will also ensure the agility of the IT to turnaround newer needs quickly. Inherent advantages of SOA such as loose coupling and reuse of logic through a service will ensure productivity gains for you. The services provided can be cataloged and consumed by various departments helping them be up to date quickly and avoiding the reinventing of the wheel.

Also, take advantage of integration abilities through web services. As often, applications developed in silos are effective but disparate. They do not communicate with each other and do not provide a unified platform that needs the data generated by one application to be utilized by another. Thus, the data generated lies unused or orphaned. This may also lead to processes that may be contradictory to each other. However, modern technical solutions provide you an ability to create a unified communication platform by integrating the applications. Our technical expertise can help you focus in implementing Service Oriented Architecture on top of the existing infrastructure and allow the underlying web services utilize the data effectively. In addition, the underlying unified platform can be better utilized with Cybage’s unique Data Analytics services. The unified communication platform thus created will produce results for you and allow efficient decision making.
In large disparate organizations, self-service kiosks, portals and collection of data will not only help your business be more streamlined but will also allow you to focus on the business strategic activities without getting bogged down into the operations. The MIS systems developed per your needs can help you control, track and monitor. The customized dashboards for tracking and monitoring modules will also ensure that the exact status of various projects/processes is available, helping you take faster decisions to halt revenue draining activities. The MIS systems can help your office go paper-free and become more environmentally friendly. Moreover, with customized MIS development, and exclusive reporting, your investment is tailored to get the results you want.
An integrated environment creates a huge data warehouse and the data collected can be analyzed. The data analytics generated will allow you to make effective decisions, ensure ROI on your internal investments and better utilization of your resources. These objective decision making processes will give you a distinct edge and help weed out inefficiencies giving a benefit to your organization.