ExcelShore® - Risk Mitigation


One of the questions that invariably hold a place in the prospect’s evaluation criteria is the risk of ‘attrition’. Attrition results in domain loss, thereby exposing customers to business risks over which they have no control.

Service organizations are sensitive to this dependency and address it primarily in two ways: Appropriate organization-wide appraisals after factoring in industry trends and motivational HR policies. Both the actions preemptively result in a reasonable overall mitigation of the attrition risk.
Cybage’s innovative approach in ExcelShore® starts with questioning the definition of good versus bad attrition, such as isn’t too much of ‘good’ attrition ‘bad’? Or, isn’t too little of ‘bad’ attrition also ‘bad’? Such detailed analysis leads to capturing the most optimized quantitative/qualitative attrition numbers at granular levels that can result in the highest benefit per unit cost for customer.
Cybage ExcelShore® system has several modules designed to mitigate customer risks. The design flexes to fit the attrition analytic loop to handle appraisal quantum in a cluster fashion, a formal organization-wide ‘shadow’ hierarchy with built-in dynamic realignments for volatility, risk balancing of each project by calculating every individual’s attrition probability, and addressing exits for non-financial reasons by not relying merely on internal surveys but by focusing on objective attrition analytics to design targeted HR policies.
We don’t tackle attrition just as a tactical obstacle but actually draw a host of organizational strategies by researching its characteristics.