ExcelShore® - Consistency


After the basic needs of delivery—quality and speed—are met, the next must-have that a customer seeks is consistency in services. Consistency makes for predictability, and accordingly helps in strategizing. To address consistency, most service providers extensively focus on the diagnostics of project health by routinely tracking patterns in the produced deliveries such as bug densities, schedule variances, etc. This allows them to capture irregularities and take corrective actions.

Unfortunately, the rapid deployment of IT project deliveries makes above interventions very ‘reactive’ in nature. Many times the problem is not sensed until it’s too late; interestingly, often, too much energy is consumed trying to fix something which is already fixed in the overall scheme of things. Cybage’s innovative differentiator through ExcelShore® resides in our efforts to perfect the process of capturing and optimizing all time-dependent micro influencers of the project health.

Our ExcelShore® module for consistency builds on maintaining a highly disciplinary approach of mapping Cybage investment proportionate to each customer’s investment; moves on to ‘live’ monitoring of project health after parameterizing for team maturities, domain depths, scaling ups/downs, attritions, changing complexities/phases, etc.; and, it rounds up with a focus on the softer aspects such as deviations in the timesheets to check for creeping complacency, burning out or even seasonal attitude issues!

Of course, even the highest optimization can’t always preempt a problem in the making. But, what it can ensure is that the respective senior stakeholders (Account, Delivery, Project Managers) are able to align their focus in a timely manner and trigger executive interventions. Hence, even the ‘reaction’ to the brewing problems has a ‘preemptive’ flavor based on the ‘predicted’ fragility of the project phases.