ExcelShore® - Quality


Of the several attributes that a customer looks for in a partner, an attribute of paramount importance is the quality of the executers. Without quality, attributes such as agility, consistency, responsiveness, etc. lose their relevance.

Interestingly, this is the easiest attribute to improve upon. Only two easy steps: First, hire the best talent. Second, retain the hired talent! Hiring the best talent requires paying premium remuneration to offset any brand disadvantage. And, retaining the hired talent requires unconditional caving in to all demands of the resigning employee.
However, there is one obstacle in the above approach—cost! Because this cost eventually comes from customer, this oversimplified strategy to build high-quality executers is unacceptable! So, obviously, all mature organizations have some thought process that strikes a balance between quality and cost. But the sophistication in everyone’s approach is directly proportional to their focus on the riddle.
Cybage has applied an innovative differentiator to solve the above puzzle. The framework of this innovation is the definition of ‘quality’ itself. We realize that the root quality attribute to improve upon is not the absolute quality but quality-per-unit-cost of the executors. This root definition marks a paradigm shift in thought leadership of Cybage as compared with its peers.
Cybage ExcelShore® innovation engine has several modules focused on tangibly stretching quality versus cost. A major aspect of this focus is the elaborate appraisal system that rewards each employee purely on the merits of the employee’s value-proposition. The approach extends to our recruitment methodology of evaluating prospective candidates on their value-proposition.The approach lines up with the rich attrition analytics that ensures evolving sanity of the input parameters that define the value proposition itself. There is no ‘compromised’ balance, only an algorithmically ‘optimized’ solution in the way we approach the quality vs. cost enigma.