Changes in business environment and processes have led to persistent changes in the technology needs of law firms. We, at Cybage, realize that as a technology solutions provider, it is extremely important for us to provide cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality. This will enable law firms to focus on their core legal areas and not worry about the technology required for supporting the practice areas.
The same stands true for our ISV partners in the legal technology solutions space. The domain knowledge that Cybage has built over the last five years in the Legal space and our in-depth technical expertise help us to analyze and build solutions faster, thus effectively reducing the time to market the products for our partners.
The Legal Solutions Division at Cybage is known to take a consultative approach while working with the clients. Today we work with multiple global leaders in the legal technology space and have extensive functional understanding of the industry. Cybage has shown enormous flexibility in terms of scaling to the expectations of law firms and legal technology solutions providers and has delivered continually on every milestone. Our SMEs and Architects work closely with you to identify your goals and objectives and help you deliver measurable results through our matured process-driven frameworks.  
Counsel Management
  • Manage matters, expenses, and documents to match your business process
  • Charge categorization and review of charges against invoices
  • Maintain full financial control and visibility on your spend
  • Support electronic processing of paper invoices
  • Provide compliance with EDRM standards
  • Enable easy and fast searching of electronic data (Full Text Search, Database Search, and Metadata Search)
  • Support rich media content, Office files, databases, and websites
  • Provide controlled metadata support for content along with versioning
  • Provide integration support for Digital Rights Management (DRM) and Digital Assets Management (DAM) systems
Counsel Management
Legal Spend Management
  • Define and understand objectives behind Legal Spend Management
  • Link with financial budgets and estimates
  • Help in decision making whether to choose in-house ; or external counsel
  • Analyze spend patterns and matter spend performance
  • Take on early assessments of the cost involved to set the expectations of your Law firms
  • Measure outside counsel performance based on where and how you are spending
e-Billing Cybage
  • Undertake e-submissions and build integration with third-party tools through SOA-based and SaaS-based architectures
  • Manage and control your legal expenses through pre-configured workflows
  • Handle different types of invoices including LEDES, UTBMS, paper, and e-mail
  • Allocate cost to appropriate cost centers and general ledger account
  • Configure Different types of fee structures for billing flexibility
Matter Management
  • Track all information associated with your matter
  • Create and customize matter based on your practice areas
  • Customize user interface for the end user
  • Facilitate association of all law firms (from any region) on single matter including your in-house counsel
  • Help in defining customized workflows to meet your business needs
  • Link budgets to individual matter on regular basis
Outside Counsel Management
  • Collaborate more effectively with your law firms
  • Share matter, document, budget, calendar, and invoice information with your law firms
  • Help evaluate performance of external counsel using scorecards
Matter Management Cybage
Attorney Time Recording
Time Recording
  • Track attorney's time effectively
  • Assist in call recording during time tracking
  • Perform multi-tasking to continue tracking the time spent on preferred task
  • Review time before a billing request is raised
  • Send an invoice on the recorded time using the existing fee structure
Integration Expertise
  • Integrate e-mail clients such as Outlook and Lotus Notes with the existing application
  • Link events to matters, contacts, and documents
  • Manage events and reminders setup, among others
Application Re-engineering
  • Conceptualize and implement a legacy modernization roadmap to develop workflow-based solutions for business applications
  • Handle data migration including database, content, and workflow (processes) migration
Business Intelligence Reporting
  • Work on desktop dashboard and scorecards
  • Provide web-based reporting
  • Create and maintain data warehouse
  • Handle different ETL tools including Sybase IQ and Informatica, among others
Business Intelligency Cybage

Fast Facts

  • Development and Quality Assurance team comprising 150+ professionals
  • Hands-on experience in mapping business processes with technology to build state-of-the-art solutions
  • Prestigious clientele comprising technology leaders from the Legal industry
  • Experience in working on midsize and large projects
  • Experience in application re-engineering and data migration
ExcelShore® Model of Operational Excellence
Cybage delivers value under its business practices leveraging its industry differentiation. Our ExcelShore® model of Operational Excellence remarkably differentiates us from our peers in the industry globally. All projects at Cybage are executed leveraging ExcelShore® model. ExcelShore® is robust software delivery model that has been tested and perfected over the years since 1995. It puts Cybage’s core of operational excellence at work in executing software projects, thereby enabling clients to realize their business objectives from the outsourcing relationship.

As soon as the relationship begins, ExcelShore® puts the customer objectives right on top. The sophisticated algorithmic software powered system gets into action and lays out various dynamics of the project execution for the relationship. Each module within the system is designed to provide key insights into each stage through which the offshore software engagement passes through. It provides a comprehensive and sophisticated dashboard which provides project KPIs, as the data gets generated during the inception of the project (like team composition, skill sets, milestones etc.) and during the execution of project (like project attrition, performance appraisal, scaling up, new recruitment, risk forecasting etc.). Thus, ExcelShore® empowers stakeholders across the hierarchy to keep a tab over the projects in their respective roles and responsibilities, leading to the relationship meeting with its inherent objectives and thereby growing consistently over a period of time..
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