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  • Let me take this opportunity to thank all of you for your contributions to the success of our partnership over the last 5 years. We could not have wished to find a better partner, and are very excited about our opportunities to grow and innovate over the next few years - we are more ambitious now than we have ever been. A special note to thank our long-standing team members who have been foundational to the success and stability of our team.

    Managing Partner,
    World's leading Media Investment Company
  • Sometimes I take for granted nice things in life - good health, close family, stimulating job and of course our friends at Cybage. I must admit that our team's high standards of quality and performance are so routine and consistent that it became the norm for me. I gave a little presentation and everyone was very impressed by our team and how we handled all the workload while being understaffed. This is a supreme compliment. So for all those times when I took the team for granted, I thank you very much for all your hard work.

    QA Manager,
    Global Advertising Solutions major in the US
  • Just wanted to take a quick second to formally recognize and thank the Cybage team for their support on the release on such a short notice. I am really impressed with your team's professionalism and the sense of urgency. This project had a high visibility with our client due to the massive recall efforts they have undertaken. We were able to deliver this in short timeframe because of YOUR help. I credit your team for making this happen, as they have handled the project excellently and calmly without much help. Our clients were impressed with your thoroughness and I would also like to thank you for being flexible with the resources.

    VP, Rich Media Technologies,
    Global Digital Marketing Agency
  • It's been a great experience working with all of you the past year. Our friends at Cybage have been an integral part of our accomplishments and we think of each of you as a part of our team. We value your contributions greatly and look forward to continuing a long and successful relationship!

    Vice President of Engineering,
    Interactive Advertising Giant – US
  • The Cybage team has done an outstanding job ramping up and embracing the quick pace with which we move. I am very impressed with the attention to detail and pride in workmanship that this team displays. The QA team at our end has undergone quite a change in terms of processes and personnel over the past six months. The Cybage team has played a large role in the evolution of our Quality Assurance strategy. Together we have shattered quality records for the number of post-launch defects over the course of the year. Together we intend to continue that trend!

    Director Quality Assurance,
    Worldwide leader of Interactive Promotions
  • You guys are definitely a model team at Cybage. I'd like to congratulate you guys on being so focused and productive during all the recent changes while being so far away from the main office. Although I'm listed as the team manager but you really run the show. I am especially impressed with the detail, clarity, and promptness of all the communications you and the team send out. You certainly take initiative in contacting all the necessary people and ask for assistance when you don't know who should be contacted. Please pass these comments onto the team and let them know how happy we are with the work!

    Engineering Manager,
    Global Advertising Solutions major in the US

Video Ad Networks

Cybage has the relevant technology expertise to help video networks manage on-demand and live delivery of video to the Internet, digital television, and mobile audiences. Our services for players in this space complement everything from streamlined software downloads to revolutionary online media products. We are the technology partners for some leaders in this space, and have also done implementations and integrations with many leading players.
We also offer analytics and reporting features to track content consumption patterns and trends across all major media formats. Cybage has rich expertise in building systems and frameworks around content and metadata management, contracts and approval workflow, syndication, content delivery across media networks, and advertising and monetization too.
  • Broadcasters can leverage Cybage expertise and services to take their content online resulting in higher audience reach and increased ROI, thereby generating more value from their existing content and open up new advertising and subscription opportunities.
  • We have have been helping Advertisers and Ad Networks be VAST compliant and take their brand online resulting in better reach and improved brand visibility.
  • Publishers have leveraged Cybage's technical expertise to build effective VAST-compliant video and media platforms for increased revenue on ad inventory, including custom video platforms to help publishers connect leading content providers, marketers, and ad agencies.
  • The complementing ad campaign management systems allow setting up, managing, optimizing, and tracking of local and regional campaigns. They also enable revenue sharing with content owners and publishers.
  • For content delivery and ad serving, Cybage has extensive experience in building web-based video players and PODs using technologies such as HTML5 and Flash. These video players are highly customizable for visual and behavioral preferences and these widgets can be placed on publisher sites or on embedded systems such as HDTV. These widgets provide a rich menu-driven user interface to watch Internet-based digital content and ads.
  • Cybage is an early adopter of emerging trends and helps with multi-screen content delivery to 1st screen (Televisions), 2nd screen (Personal Computers) and 3rd screen (Mobile Devices).
  • Development of web-based custom video players for YouTube brand channel presences and other creative production services .
  • Contextual video ad serving platforms (VAST-compliant) and run-time contextual playlist generation.
  • Rights, royalty, and contracts management for video content and associated reporting and invoicing systems.  
  • Analytics, data collection, log parsing, ETL frameworks and reporting systems. 
Cybage's focus on the publishing industry creates a conducive environment for media publishers to address, implement, and incorporate digital content channels. Coupled with our monetization and advertising expertise, Cybage has helped media businesses optimize their operations, target new business opportunities, and augment revenue channels.
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