Product Engineering Services


The present worldwide software products market is witnessing fluctuating market dynamics, rising cost pressures, impressive alterations in the global economies, and a perpetually increasing requirement to minimize the time-to-market to stay ahead in competition.

Over the years, the IT industry has invented novel solutions to overcome the preceding hurdles. One such crucial innovation is Product Engineering Services. It addresses a majority of challenges and has proved to be a competitive way to extend business.
The global OPD space acknowledges Cybage as a trusted name. Cybage has solid experience in product development for several reputed names in the industry. In course of time, Cybage has devised proven delivery models that assure a reasonable ROI to the product companies. We have assisted an entire gamut of global Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to attain their offshore development goals, which have been the foundation of their overall corporate objectives. We have been successful in these endeavors by leveraging our ExcelShore® model of Operational Excellence.
The ExcelShore® model of Operational Excellence encompasses systems and processes that offer seamless visibility to the project Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) across the life cycle of the project. This model performs the role of a strong decision support system to fulfill, presage, and handle significant project parameters. This role directly impacts of the success of offshore product development and, thereby, the objectives of the ISVs to choose the offshore alternative. Cybage believes that ExcelShore is its direct industry differentiator, and the model impartially sets Cybage apart in comparison with its peers in the industry.
Cybage offers the following flagship services under the Product Engineering Services space. These are endorsed by a demonstrable and proven background: