QA Evaluation Metrics


For every project that Cybage undertakes, Quality Assurance Plan and Quality Test Plan are prepared at the launch of the project. These plans outline all the activities to be performed to meet the quality objectives from the customer’s perspective.

It is the respective test lead’s responsibity to ensure that all quality system procedures/standards applicable to the project are followed, and that all the tests and reviews are conducted in a planned manner.

SQA audits are carried out to evaluate the progress of the project and ensure that every project meets the limits that are defined at the organizational level.
Activities Involved
  • Preparation of Software Quality Assurance Plan
  • Approval of plans
  • Recording and resolution of problems
  • Necessary focus on measures of quality
Quality Performance Check
  • Number of reviews and inspections conducted
  • Number of errors detected and phase of detection
  • Number of customer complaints
  • Number of NCs (Non Conformances) reported during audit
  • Review Effort
  • Defect Detection Efficiency
  • In-process defect density
  • Delivered defect density