Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The Retail industry has made a paradigm shift in strategy from being product centric to consumer centric in the past decade. Also, there is a rapid adoption of Internet technologies. A major challenge that service providers face is to establish a robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) process that accurately collates related customer information for their organization. The current generation of shoppers is getting savvier in its options. To compete successfully in the present dynamic environment predictive sales, revenue forecasting, greater staff productivity, sifting and organizing unstructured data, and automating and streamlining processes are the key requirements in any CRM solution offering.

Customer Relationship Management


Loyalty Program


  • Multiple loyalty programs
  • Rewards maintenance

Customer Support

and Helpdesk

  • 24x7 Back office Support

Master Data


  • Tracking of demographic data of customer
  • Availability of data store and enterprise level



  • Multiple promotions
  • Automate promotions communication
  • Track campaign performance

Customer Analytics

  • Handle duplicates
  • Segmentation
  • House holding
  • Customer dashboard
Retail CRM is one solution that every retailer relies on because it is directly linked to the customer and in turn results in better sales and Return on Investment (ROI). The ROI depends on how retailers manage their customer relationship which in turn is based on their ability to aggregate, analyze, and apply a range of data sources such as Point of Sales (POS), social media sites, in-house customer information, and loyalty programs. The six major business processes for retail CRM are loyalty program management, campaign management, in-store CRM, customer analytics, master data management, and a collection of customer information at POS.

In the Retail CRM space, Cybage has extensive experience of working on multiple global products. Some of the key areas where Cybage can provide end-to-end Retail CRM services are as follows:

  • Customer data management
  • Campaigns and promotions management and Campaign tracking
  • Loyalty programs and Rewards management
  • Customer analytics
  • Customer support and Helpdesk
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