Idea Incubation Center


Leveraging proven ExcelShore® model of Operational Excellence, Cybage provides a wide array of software services. With a strong and proven background forming the base to these services, Cybage holds a value proposition that is tangibly unique in the industry.

Over the years Cybage has been working with crème-de-la-crème global clients who have realized their business objectives from the relationship. Thanks to ExcelShore® that Cybage today truly stands out as an unique organization holding a promising proposition.
Newer ideas have often resulted into some of the most breakthrough products and solutions in the global software industry. Competition within the market segments are significantly influenced and affected by newer ideas. However, for ideas to translate into a revenue stream, it is important to provide them adequate nurturing through research and development. Such R&D efforts are necessary to gauge the feasibility from the market applicability standpoint through the life-cycle of the product.

Cybage’s innovative Idea Incubation Center service provides a comprehensive platform for nurturing these new product ideas to translate them into the sustainable products. Our pool of qualified software architects and engineers have extensive experience in new product development space. In addition to that our organizational experience of working with ISVs can go long way realizing your product ideas. Each product idea is incubated here and taken through entire R&D cycle in close consultation with the customer to make sure it achieves its intended objective.

The most important dimension of our Idea Incubation Centers is their offering under a complete Offshore Development Center (ODC) environment. This means your cost towards incubating the ideas to product comes substantially down leveraging Cybage’s ODC environment. Such environments have everything dedicated that is required to bring up a product from its base idea.
  • Primarily targeted for Venture Funded Enterprises and New Business Enterprises with Innovative Ideas and Optimized Budgets
  • Expertise to Handle from Product Idea to its Launch
  • Extensive Pool of Qualified Software Product Architects and Engineers
  • Services offered through Offshore Development Center (ODC) Environment
  • Highly Cost Effective with Reduced Time-to-market
  • Offers platform for consistent R&D to maintain the Competitive Edge
  • Cybage’s Important Value Added Services Complete the Incubation Loop