Documentation Services  

Documentation is crucial to a user's engagement with a product. The rapid adoption of IT tools and applications—to the extent that we cannot imagine a world without them—is largely owing to the availability of documentation. Software documentation heralded a culture of self-instruction. Cybage made inroads into this critical aspect of software usability through self-paced learning almost a decade ago. Since then, Cybage Documentation Services have helped numerous customers convert their software newbies to software pros.

The Cybage Documentation team has a growing expertise in every popular authoring tool and is sought after by companies to endorse their authoring tools. The team has delivered several forms and formats of content in the world of digital publishing to its customers. The knowledge accumulated over all these years places the Cybage Documentation team in a consultative role. The learning continues as software capabilities expand, but it is more incremental, adding value to Cybage's consulting engagement with its customers. Breaking away from the comfort of passing on documentation to where software development happens, our customers have entrusted us with documentation projects exclusively. Moreover, in the wake of documentation, Cybage has secured many development projects.

Cybage adopts a holistic approach to documentation. We begin by understanding the customer's business, the target audience, and the processes and standards (sometimes establishing them to ensure that all change requests are securely documented). We take proactive steps to ensure that documentation is accurate and consistent.

The documentation services at Cybage are broadly classified into four categories:

Quick facts
  • Handled 210 documentation projects in last 11 years
  • More than 95 clients have benefitted from Cybage Documentation Services
  • Team of 75 professionals trained on various tools and applications
  • Documentation team comprises technical writers, technical editors, content writers, resume writers, instructional designers, and SEO specialists who have considerable experience across various domains
  • Flexible process model
  • Long-term and short-term documentation projects
  • The longest ongoing documentation project is in its tenth year
  • Adherence to Microsoft Manual of Style, Sun Style Guide, Chicago Manual of Style, and customer in-house style guides
  • Documentation for different levels of target audience
  • Multiple formats for final release documents
  • Single-sourcing of technical writing content
  • Peer reviews to ensure consistency and prevent error propagation
  • Shadow writers