Technical Support

With an ever-increasing number of customers demanding prompt and round-the-clock service, the need for support services has gained tremendous importance over the years. Having commenced as a value-added service to our development projects, the Support services at Cybage have now emerged into a full-fledged, independent department.
Today, the Support department can boast of more than 20 clients across varied domains such as Travel and Hospitality, Media and Entertainment, Ecommerce, Travel and Hospitality, Insurance etc
Technical Support Highlights
  • Over 7 years of experience in the shared service industry
  • Currently supporting 40+ clients across different verticals
  • 500+ support resources
  • 24X7 Support services or in combination of below models to suit client business needs
    • Weekdays :9x5 ,16x5 & 24x5
    • Weekdays and Weekends : 9x5 & 24x 2 , 16x5 & 24x2
  • Phased approach followed for offshore Support services
    • Project Planning
    • Process Migration and Knowledge Transfer
    • Operations Management
    • Continuous Improvement
  • Support portfolio includes global industry leaders in Healthcare, Media & Entertainment, Retail, Travel & Hospitality etc.
  • Contact Center Solution to optimize call center operations, basis skill based and role based routing, auto call distribution, call flow management, quality management & custom reporting
  • Scalability and Flexibility: Cybage's tech-support department has a pool of well-trained resources ready to be deployed in a project on a short notice.
  • Cross-Domain Expertise: Cybage has expertise in multiple domains which helps in leveraging the benefits of faster ramp up and achieve agreed exceed service levels.
  • In house developed systems that help in managing schedule adherence of resources which assists in meeting the project's service levels.

Technical Support Offerings
The following are some of the most significant service offerings that are included in our vast array of support services.
Being actively involved in the development and testing of software applications and products, Cybage understands the adverse business impact that lack of appropriate support can have. Over the years, we have gathered extensive expertise in developing mature processes that enable us to provide application and product support. We have developed a strong model that helps us in managing applications and products remotely; thus, enabling us to provide real-time support to the end users. Our stringent quality monitoring processes and effective optimization model have resulted in satisfied clients.
The most important aspect of providing support is to create a window where customer queries can be directed for prompt and accurate resolution. We offer both technical and non-technical support helpdesks to our clients to handle their queries. As the terms suggest, Technical helpdesk focuses on providing technical assistance and troubleshooting issues, whereas Customer helpdesk focuses on non-technical, customer-centric aspects such as order booking, customer care, etc. We constantly strive in honing our customer-service skills to add to the customer satisfaction and overall service experience on behalf of our clients.

We are capable of providing round-the-clock support in either an exclusively offshore model or a hybrid structure.
Infrastructure management is a key strategic fit to our overall software services portfolio. It enhances our capability to provide end-to-end solutions to our clients. As an organization grows in size, the criticality of managing their infrastructure also increases exponentially. At Cybage, we have dedicated infrastructure management support teams that work round-the-clock for our clients. Our infrastructure management team plays a vital role in maintaining our client's network infrastructure. Dedicated Cybage NOCs (Network Operations Centers) pro-actively monitor and manage the client-side systems and servers, ensuring that the critical business systems and applications are always up and running.
Capturing, classifying, and managing vast amounts of relevant data and making business sense out of it is probably the single most important strategic factor for the success of any business, regardless of its size. With every passing year, the technological requirements and business considerations related to data management have been increasing considerably. With our data management and transaction processing model, we are in a position to assure our clients of reduced business risks, greater operational flexibility, and increased scope for them to focus on other high-value business areas. And, all this with reasonable cost savings! We undertake back office data management projects and ensure that accurate, requisite and usable data is delivered to our clients, enabling them to take appropriate strategic business decisions. Similarly, we endeavor to deliver optimum productivity with meticulous attention to detail in our transaction processing projects.
Technical Support Tiers

Tier 1 :
Customer /Semi Technical Support : 1stpoint of contact for any customer/technical queries for assisting clients/end users on the products or applications.
Data Processing : Involves working on data processing/entry activities. Resources typicallly perform data entry or other basic transaction processing tasks that don’t require specialized skills.

Tier 2 :

1st point of contact for all technical issues and taken them to closure.


Resources have specialized skills based on the technology required to support client applications/systems. They perform tasks such as performance management of application and systems, monitoring applications and servers for maximum uptime and availibility.


Tier 3:


High end technical support driven by engineers which includes real time bug fixing or maintenance of projects

Production Support, System Administration, code change/modification and maintenance task.

Cybage Advantage

In this highly competitive offshore segment, we stand out as a leading cost-effective solutions provider that offers its clients the following benefits:
  • Technical Expertise: Cybage has significant expertise across several domains and technologies. An in-depth knowledge of various technologies enables us to provide end-to-end solutions and support services. Our technical support executives have the added advantage of being able to consult our highly skilled technical pool. If required, we facilitate trainings at a short notice in order to ramp-up our executives on specific technological requirements.
  • Cross-Domain Expertise: Cybage has developed a cross-domain training model that ensures high service levels at all times. The goal of this model is to train few resources on multiple processes to ensure readiness in handling sudden spikes in workload at any given point of time.
  • Efficient Process Migration: Our dedicated process migration group takes care of all aspects of outsourcing and maps the process deliverables accordingly. The objective of this group is to bridge all gaps so that we are able to replicate the clients existing support infrastructure at our end, enabling seamless transition.
  • Multiple Service Channels: For a process that has phone-based and email-based support, Cybage maintains a certain percentage of common resources that are capable of handling both calls as well as emails, when required. This helps us in maintaining quick response and resolution time always.
  • Cost Savings: Cybage has a competitive pricing structure and unique blended pricing scheme that has been designed to ensure long-term relationships with our clients.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: Cybage’s tech-support department has a pool of well-trained resources ready to be deployed on any project at a short notice. This keeps our projects well insured in terms of resource availability in the event of attritions or ramp-ups.