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Digital Transformation

An ideal PPC campaign structure should be designed to mirror the website’s structure to drive better performance results.

A two-way communication process that encourages healthy dialog between brands and users for better customer engagement.

A strong foothold on technical, editorial, and marketing grounds provides the ultimate leverage for SEO to drive desired results.

Social media analytics is a powerful tool that helps marketers find customers’ sentiments across the online channels.

The phenomenal rise of Facebook and its colossal audience offer an excellent platform to build brand awareness and acquire revenue.


This white paper discusses the transformation path and process for enterprises to evolve into digital forces to be reckoned with. 

This white paper talks about Enterprise Mobility, its key takeaways, and ways to ensure its hassle-free implementation. Enterprise Mobility is not a boxed solution that can be mapped to the existing processes of an enterprise.  

The shift towards social collaboration represents the next major wave of enterprise collaboration. Everyone is talking about the enormous benefits that can be reaped from collaborative execution and better employee engagement.

Enterprise Content Management

Bussineses today have adopted Document Management System (DMS) for seamless maintenance. This paper conducts a quick overview of the DMS trend and focuses on ROI generation for investors.

Social software is used to boost, capture, and establish interaction between clients and partners. This whitepaper describes why organizations must develop a robust enterprise collaboration strategy.


Cybage has combined proven best practices of classical models such as CMMI and modern set of agile techniques with 'ExcelShore', which facilitates human resource management and improves the productivity.

The evolution of process framework at Cybage with emerging trends whitepaper discusses how Q@Core and ExcelShore® are unique models that  help in providing better predictability, ensuring a better value per unit cost to our clients, reflecting on resolutions to integrate applications, and optimizing processes to achieve customer satisfaction. 

This paper, reflects how fundamental concepts of functional programming helps reduce development cost, improve software quality performance, and shares solutions offered by functional programming.

InMemory Computing (IMC) technologies can transform and simplify application architectures for use cases. This whitepaper examines the rapidly maturing landscape of InMemory Computing technologies.

The GA release of Azure is ready. This whitepaper examines the significant IaaS capabilities and service readiness of Azure for industrial strength deployments of mission-critical workloads.

India is a successful outsourcing destination in the world of IT. This paper discusses the benefits and challenges in outsourcing and offshoring. The premise used is India as; offshoring destination.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Healthcare software products are unique, and so are the skills required to develop them. This white paper attempts to map these key skills and focus areas.

Healthcare software development has some unique Quality Assurance requirements, which often get overlooked. This white paper seeks to focus on these requirements.

The belief that agile methodologies are not suited for software development in medical device industry is a myth. It is not only well-suited but also advantageous to use Agile methodologies.

With changing market, Healthcare industry should focus on improving capacity utilization. The first of two part whitepaper, examines challenges faced in healthcare industry and does a critical review of inventory distribution & monetization models.

Can the inventory distribution and monetization models prevalent in hospitality industry be applied to Healthcare ? This second whitepaper in a two part series examines what such a model might look like and its’ driving factors.

Clinical trials are complicated, expensive, lengthy, geographically distributed exercise. This whitepaper examines a data driven management approach to optimize productivity and reduce risks.

In the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) product space, usability is often ignored because the focus is on regulatory compliance, standard certifications, and enterprise interoperability of a product.

Media & Entertainment

This paper discusses the need of Ad Mediation Exchange in mobile advertising.

With growing penetration of mobile gaming, publishers intent to monetize their inventory by integrating preferred mobile Ad Network. This paper discusses integration of Ad SDK for the games/apps built using Unity, ANE, Marmalade and Corona.

This newsletter highlights the key developments in the Advertising industry and provides a point of view on how to make the best of this dynamic and buzzing ecosystem.

The emerging social enterprise refers to the organization of this day and age, one that has taken the plunge into a shiny, new social media platform.

This whitepaper highlights the emerging trends in email marketing. An Email Service Provider (ESP) must adapt to these trends to keep pace with the changing technical and business landscape and to ensure better customer engagement.

Availability of the right information at the right time is the key that can unlock the doors to success for any organization.

As more consumers embrace digital content, the prominence of mobile as a channel has reached unprecedented levels.

Solving a challenge to uniquely identify a mobile user across mobile web and native apps and helping advertisers and publishers in remarketing, tracking app statistics and user's journey from click to install.

To say that the publishing industry (newspapers, magazines, books, and print at large) has changed would be an understatement. 

Software testing is getting more and more complicated. Multiple factors are responsible for this situation. User Interfaces (UIs) are getting richer and complex.

This paper discusses how the multi-criteria decision-making model can be used to schedule content more effectively on a channel.

This paper discusses the rapid rise of social media and its impact on customer relationship.

Testing and QA

Software testing is getting more and more complicated. Multiple factors are responsible for this situation. User Interfaces (UIs) are getting richer and complex.

Travel & Hospitality

The Airline industry is not only subject to an unpredictable price pressure, but it is also facing steady increases in fixed costs of which fuel, landing fees, environmental taxes, and regulations are among the more prominent ones.

A few years ago, the industry redefined the technique of creating and distributing content as brands promised to be more customer-focused.

The growth of businesses in the Travel & Hospitality industry has resulted in a myriad of integrations between enterprise systems.

Mobile devices have been around for more than a decade now. Phones and tablets are no longer aspirational products; they have opened doors to new business avenues. 

NDC is a new messaging standard used by the Airline industry for inventory distribution. This whitepaper discusses how NDC can help the Airline industry and provide today’s digital-savvy clients with information at their fingertips.

Today dining or even fine dining is no longer only about great food, but also about guest experience. Guest experience is the yardstick of a restaurant’s success.

Creating a killer social media campaign is not about relying on a great brand or having the right assets.

Enterprise hotel chains, by their very nature, tend to contain many disparate systems and applications which provide various services. Hotels rely on these systems to run their dayto- day business.