Rajesh Kurup

Executive Vice President

Rajesh Kurup

Rajesh is an industry veteran with deep domain expertise built across nearly four decades of rich experience. He is an innovative leader who develops digital solutions and strategies that drive business growth in the highly dynamic global landscape.

In his role, he focuses on unlocking creative opportunities in both the domestic and international areas of the industry. Rajesh is a visionary, forward-thinking strategist, acting as an advisor to large multinational corporations requiring strong business and technology acumen. His ability to envision and create successful outcomes in complex situations helps deliver client delight.

He is a skillful navigator with a successful record of mentoring people and building high-performing teams. Rajesh believes in collaborating with the next generation of innovative minds and has a knack for placing the right people in the right roles. He is known for his flexibility in the face of rapid change, as well as for his originality, practical approach, and quick decision-making.

Previously, Rajesh held leadership roles globally for systems analysis and database management. Additionally, he has driven critical projects for Wells Fargo and Norwest Mortgage banks. Since 2000, he has donned several hats within Cybage before ascending to his current leadership role. His commitment to creating a high-performance culture based on client-centricity, perseverance, and continuous improvement remains unwavering.

Rajesh has been instrumental in facilitating the dramatic growth of Cybage and has witnessed it develop from a tiny bud to a gigantic tree. He continues to play a crucial role in making it one of the leading software service providers globally.