Amazon Web Services

Cybage Software Pvt. Ltd., a global leader in the software product engineering and IT services space, is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Select Consulting Partner.
Cybage helps customers of all sizes design, architect, migrate, or build new applications on AWS. As an APN Consulting Partner, Cybage has access to a range of resources and training that enables us to better help our customers deploy, run, and manage applications in the AWS cloud.

With a Center of Excellence in Cloud Computing and Big Data, and a strong focus on AWS, Cybage has showcased capabilities in Amazon EMR, S3, Hive, Spark, Oozie, Kafka, Redshift, and Scala. Our focus on AWS is further emphasized by our strong talent pool. Cybage has relevant experience in various cloud platforms/tools/frameworks. Cybage has implemented projects across different verticals and various clients in Cloud technologies.
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“Cybage helped Madison Logic, a leading account-based marketing platform to drastically reduce operational costs and enable faster deployment using Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. Business challenges included hosting all in-house software applications and platforms in a secure and scalable infrastructure environment. Also, additional resources were required to manage these applications and platforms, which was an add-on cost to the company. The solution implemented involved utilization of AWS cloud platform, one of the most secure computing environment with proven operational expertise that helped to meet the client requirements and also reduce operational costs. Also, Amazon Elasticsearch Service was utilized to configure logging instead of setting up an independent ELK Stack. Furthermore, instead of utilizing a third party tool such as Kubernetes, Cybage helped in leveraging Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS), which proved to be a decisive solution”.

Madison Logic