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Increasing customer demands, shooting labor costs, and plummeting cost of sensors have contributed to the rise of data-backed, automated warehouses. With a strong focus on driving warehouse digitalization and delivering compelling customer experience, Cybage adopts leading-edge technologies to cater to its clients’ unique business needs. Our deep knowledge of the supply chain and logistics industry enables us to optimize supply chain processes and make the distribution center more proactive than reactive. Additionally, our retail expertise helps accelerate the flow of goods across various channels and locations, delivering maximum customer value at lower cost.

And to ensure successful WMS implementations and warehouse transformation, we have partnered with a leading player in the supply chain industry—Körber Supply Chain. Our expertise in delivering each of these solutions enables us to meet and exceed enterprises’ expectations of building a connected and automated supply chain.

What We Can Do

100+ Certified Consultants
200+ site implementations across 20+ customers
Cloud and on-premise implementations
System Integrations
Expertise WMS Consulting, Implementation, Customization, 24-7 Support Services


Together, Cybage and Körber Supply Chain can help you address complex supply chain challenges and improve efficiencies across the entire business. With a robust warehouse management solution, we ensure agility and productivity in a dynamic business environment.

What we offer:

  • K. Motion Warehouse Advantage – The core warehouse management module that includes inbound, outbound, inventory, and reporting
  • Labor Advantage – To manage direct and indirect labor within the warehouse environment
  • Billing Management – To ensure accurate, automated billing and invoicing in the 3PL environment
  • Yard Advantage – To manage dock doors, appointment scheduling and fulfilment
  • Pulse – A supply chain intelligence dashboard that uses enterprise and warehouse operations data to provide actionable insights
  • K. Motion Essentials – These include quality inspection, multi-carrier shipping, document imaging, mobile track and trace
  • Warehouse management ERP integrations

K. Motion Warehouse Edge

Cybage can help you optimize warehouse processes and enhance efficiencies by offering one of the most agile, customizable, and dependable solutions in the market today— K. Motion Warehouse Edge. Its advanced warehouse technology brings in the best-of-breed functionality to your warehouse and provides the flexibility you need to respond quickly without any excessive cost.

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