HR Mission

HR Mission

HR Mission Statement

  • To build and retain a pool of talented professionals within Cyb​age
  • To provide opportunities for continual professional and personal growth of employees
  • To respect individual opinion while boosting team spirit across the organization
  • To operate with a strong belief in employee participation for continuous knowledge and process improvement.

Human resources are the most valuable assets of any organization, and we take pride in the fact that our employees’ satisfaction, suggestions, and concerns have always been given the highest priority at Cybage.

We believe that “HR” as an abbreviation that transcends 'Human Resource'. At Cybage, it signifies the following:

  • Human Respect
  • Human Responsibility
  • Human Response
  • Human Reasoning

Cybagians are encouraged to grow and challenge themselves to achieve higher levels in their areas of expertise at a comfortable pace that is judiciously set by both the employees and the company. Soft skills enhancement is given due importance so that employees are encouraged, motivated, and equipped to take up bigger roles in the organization.

We encourage our employees to believe in their abilities and express their opinions freely. Cybagians are taught to take up challenges and produce quality output. The "HR" mission statement has come to life as a result of the practices being followed at Cybage since its inception. These practices are now an integral part of Cybage's culture.

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Cybage Recruitment Disclaimer

It has been noticed that certain unscrupulous elements are sending out fake emails offering employment opportunities with Cybage. Please note that Cybage does not:

  1. Send offer letters or recruitment-related e-mails from a generic e-mail address such as
  2. Seek security deposit or payment of any kind from candidates for employment at any stage during the entire recruitment process.
  3. Authorize any recruitment agency/partner to collect any fee from the candidates for recruitment.
  4. Make any job offer without a face-to-face interview at the Cybage premises.

Candidates are advised not to respond to any such fraudulent emails or make any payments with a view to join Cybage. Cybage and its affiliates shall not accept any liability towards the representation made in any fraudulent communication or consequences thereof.