A US-based leading provider of distribution technology and services (ADS) teams up with Cybage for their development and Quality Assurance needs

About the client:
Client has a global footprint with presence in 52 countries spread across 6 continents. It is a leader in providing low-cost, multi-source distribution and independent faring technology to the global travel industry, and its primary customers are Airlines and large global TMCs (Travel Management Companies).

Business Requirements:

  • To meet the client’s dynamic development and testing needs.
  • To support all message connectivity such as EDIFACT, OTA, XML, GDS, and Proprietary.
  • To focus on further reducing variable cost and accelerate momentum towards low-cost distribution platform.


  • Built and tested the direct connects for multiple Hotels and Airlines.
  • Mapped XML and EDI messages, XML and DIR messages.
  • Undertook testing for ARC certification, BSP certification, TRAMS integration, and MIR transactions.

Struts, Custom build framework in C++, Java, Visual Studio 2005