Analytics platform engineering for a leading software security solutions provider

About the client
The client is a leading cyber security and antivirus solutions provider for consumers and corporates.

Technology problem
The client was facing the following issues:

  • The client required to develop a single, open-source–based Business Intelligence (BI) solution instead of maintaining multiple reporting systems based on various technologies.
  • The existing data warehouse did not have dimensional modeling, which resulted in the lack of integration with new reporting tools.
  • Limited drill-down capability in the existing Excel-based reporting forced businesses to maintain various reports with the same data set.
  • Data visualization capability was not available.
  • The manual data collection and report generation process (Excel-based) in the legacy system was time-consuming and error-prone.
  • An inefficient reporting system resulted in the unavailability of useful information, which limited company data analysis and decision-making capability.

Technology solution
Cybage provided the following solution to help the client overcome its problems:

  • Cybage’s BI solution had a 2-tier architecture, which consisted of the Cube layer and the Presentation layer.
  • We designed and developed a data warehouse on the Oracle 11g server using Informatica as the Extract Transform Load (ETL) tool.
  • Cube layer: We capitalized on the intelligent compression techniques of QlikView to reduce the amount of data with daily incremental data refreshing cycle.
  • Presentation layer: We capitalized on the associativity technology of QlikView to establish the relationship among various tables and form a star schema, which, in turn, pulls data from QVD files to generate the reports.

Execution strategy
Cybage adhered to the following plan to provide effective results to the client:

  • We capitalized on the Scrum methodology for high visibility, active collaboration, effective communication, and predictable rhythm, resulting in a predictable schedule and improved productivity.
  • We used Planning Poker for agile estimation and effective planning.
  • We created a Proof of Concept (PoC), which verified the proposed architecture.
  • We capitalized on the Cenzic security framework to identify potential security vulnerabilities and take appropriate measures.

Value realized
The dashboards and analytical reports developed in QlikView:

  • Helped business users to uncover hidden trends and make discoveries that drive innovative decisions.
  • Enhanced productivity of business users by providing access to dashboards having rich reports with drill-up and drill-down facility.

Tools and technologies
Cybage used the following tools and technologies:
Development Oracle , QlikView , Informatica 
Testing  Cenzic (for UI Security)
Tools  Gliffy, Planning Poker
ALM Cisco Jabbar, integrated Atlassian tools—Confluence, JIRA

Cybage services utilized
Architectural Services, Development, Testing, and BI Capabilties.