Client in Media and Entertainment Industry

In the world of ever-changing digital market place, it is imperative for media organizations to transform their business processes. To meet your customers’ requirements, collaborating with an organization that has extensive experience in the Media & Entertainment (M&E) and CRM domain helps you gain an edge over your competitors. The key to competitive edge in the entertainment industry is in understanding what entertainment products consumers prefer most and then designing a strategy to provide them to the consumers at a reasonable cost. A CRM system helps to gather this customer-centric data.
With our vast CRM and M&E domain knowledge, Cybage helps you by transforming your business models to adapt to the ever-changing digital age, sparing your human resources to explore new distribution channels and manage digitization.

Business Challenge
Our client’s end user data is distributed across Salesforce CRM application and the client’s proprietary application. 
For marketing and analysis purpose, the client wanted a contact management and data synchronization system which would provide consistency of data between the 2 systems.

Business Solution
We helped the client in doing this integration and created a component that sends information from its proprietary system to the Salesforce CRM application and mirrors the Salesforce data to the client’s local database. We implemented the following modules:

  • Partner Management
  • Custom IDE
  • Customer Support
  • Data Synchronization
  • Campaign Management
  • Data Migration & Validation
  • Leads Management
  • Contact Management & Notification
  • Sale Force Automation

Tools and Technology
Salesforce CRM, VC++, MFC, COM, VB, ASP, SQL Server, Win CE or Salesforce Web Service API version 8.0. , EJB 2.0, Axis 1.1, Oracle 9i, JDK 1.4, and JBOSS -3.2.5