Developing same-day delivery feature on a mobile platform

The client is a Japanese E-commerce company, has a global marketplace platform with presence in more than 25 countries.

Business problem
The client needed to:

  • Support same-day delivery within a defined time interval in a city that is the busiest crossing in Tokyo.
  • Enable its customers to be able to see the expected delivery time interval before placing an order.
  • A separate order and inventory management system to prevent any changes to the current system.

Business solution
To facilitate same-day delivery, the solution landscape consisted of the following:

  • Mobile commerce platform (iOS or Android) application for the customers to browse the catalog and place orders
  • Mobile delivery a logistics platform or (VAN) app (iOS only) for the delivery personnel to track and deliver orders
  • Inventory management portal or depot tool: A web-based utility tool to track and monitor inventory and supply
  • Azure AD: Active Directory-based authentication portal

Mobile commerce or customer app:
Cybage developed a bespoke iOS or Android application to enable the customers to perform the following functions:

  • Select a delivery area within a defined range from a dynamic map to check delivery time estimate
  • Browse the mobile catalog and select products for purchase
  • Place an order and process payment
  • Receive reminders on the status of the order and estimated time of arrival (ETA) on successful completion of orders
  • View past orders and browse order history
  • Register on the client’s portal

Logistics and delivery or VAN app:
Cybage developed a bespoke iOS application to enable the delivery personnel to effectively track and deliver orders. The application had the following features:

  • An interface displaying the list of active and delivered orders
  • Automatic adjustment of delivery time (ETA), depending on traffic conditions
  • The application sent delivery acknowledgement message
  • It displayed current stock information of the delivery vehicle and alerted the delivery personnel to restock from the warehouse in case inventory was low

Inventory management or depot tool:
Cybage developed a web-based portal to facilitate the inventory management process. Using this portal, the depot or warehouse managers could:

  • Update and maintain product catalog to be used in the mobile commerce application
  • Manage inward stock, re-stock, and warehouse replenishment
  • Track and monitor orders (such as reallocate, cancel)
  • Manage generic upkeep of the service environment

Azure AD:
Cybage hosted the application on Azure Cloud. Using Azure’s in-built Active Directory services, we developed authorization and authentication protocols to cater to the users of Inventory or Logistics applications.
We used MS Azure BLOB Storage extensively to upload and maintain images and other product attributes.

Tools and technologies:
iOS, Android, Azure, .NET, Web API, SQL Server 2012, JIRA, Confluence, TFS, Git, Jenkins