Leading Telecom retailer integrates DCs, local hubs and Warehouse automation systems with HighJump WMS

About the client:

The client is a telecommunications services company with head office in London, United Kingdom and operations in around 170 countries. Cybage has been working with the client along with HighJump for implementation of HighJump Warehouse Management System across its stores, hubs, and distribution centres. This rollout was made across 100 warehouse locations in and around UK.

Cybage is one of HighJump’s most valued partners in the supply chain domain for over five years. Cybage works on multiple implementations across the globe with enterprise customers from North America, Asia, Middle East, Europe, and Australia in the warehouse management space.

Awards/recognitions received:

 Timeline Accolades And Accreditations
 April 2014 HighJump software—Premier Implementation Collaboration Partners in Innovation 2014

HighJump Software is a global provider of a full suite of supply chain management software that streamlines the flow of inventory and information from supplier to store shelf. HighJump supply chain management software manages the flow of inventory and information from supplier through manufacturing, distribution, and EDI solutions all the way to direct store delivery. 

HighJump solutions are designed to meet market and customer requirements in industries such as 3PL/logistics services provider, aerospace and automotive, food and beverage, consumer packaged goods (CPG), healthcare, high-tech, manufacturing, and retail and wholesale/industrial distribution.


Business requirements:
The client had a major network of distribution centres and retail hubs, which needed continuous replenishment and high fill rates to meet stringent customer SLAs. The client wanted a highly automated WMS and integration for meeting customer expectations. 
Following are the key business needs of the client:

  • Highly adaptable software architecture
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Cloud-based implementation
  • High level of customer satisfaction and active customer community
  • Best practices implementation methodology
  • Worldwide customer support 24x7


  • Professional services/implementations: The HighJump implementation for the client is a collaborative work from both HighJump and the Cybage team. In the initial requirement phase, HighJump consultants and Cybage team worked together on requirement gathering, discussions, and scoping activities, and further estimating the implementations. The HighJump consultant and program manager were involved in all design and key activities related to implementations. The Cybage team was completely responsible for implementing the changes, deployments, and rollout in consultation with the HighJump consultants.
  • Quality services: Providing manual testing services for the customized product.
  • Business solutions: Helping the client streamline requirements management.
  • Design activities: Working on design activities for process definition and implementing HighJump software through active participation with the client.
  • Product enhancements: Enhancing the client platforms and change requests raised by the existing and new customers to streamline operations.

Business impact:

  • End-to-end integration for two main warehouses (distribution centres), over 90 small warehouses (forward stock locations),  and Automated Systems and ERP
  • Advance automation and increase in productivity through IoT
  • Multi-fold improvement in picking efficiency and inventory accuracy
  • Improved customer SLAs through planned replenishments and increased order fulfilment rate