Proprietary CRM implementation for Life Sciences Domain

At Cybage, we have a focused group of highly qualified and dedicated professionals who have helped our clients from the Healthcare Industry such as Pharmaceutical, Insurance, and Life sciences, among others to implement CRM products and services (from consultancy to support) to enable our customers in realizing and achieving their business objectives.

Business Challenge
The client needed a CRM product implemented as a client server system that allows solution implementers to rapidly create a customized solution. The need was to implement Partner Management and Customer Support modules primarily.

Business Solution
We provided an end-to-end CRM solution to cater to the client needs. We facilitated creating customized solutions using pre-created components with the help of a tool called Elk Designer.
Implementers rapidly create an implementation by dragging and dropping pre-created business components and user interface controls and writing glue code to tie them together. Apart from the viewer application and a web client, there is a client for handheld Pocket PC devices. We implemented the following modules:

  • Partner Management
  • Leads Management
  • Customer Support
  • Sale Force Automation
  • Campaign Management
  • Custom IDE 

Tools and Technology
Client proprietery CRM, Visual Elk, MFC, COM, VB, ASP, SQL Server and Win CE