Social Media Reputation Management offerings for a leading digital ad agency

About the client: 
The client is a full service agency. One of the client’s end customer is a large retailor of pharmacy in the US. The client’s customer wanted to understand how its competitors were perceived by the market at large and undertake competitive analysis to better its marketing communication programs.

Business need:

  • Monitoring and understanding consumer conversations in social spaces around pharmacy and related client marketing programs and helping in strategizing future marketing initiatives
  • Acquiring an in-depth understanding of the current and the ongoing consumer conversations around client pharmacy, client pharmacy ‘broad’, and competitors
  • Identifying key influencers in social spaces specific to client pharmacy and its aforementioned programs
  • Gaining an understanding of how client pharmacy should integrate social spaces into its marketing efforts

Solution offered:

  • Cybage capitalized on Nielsen’s BuzzMetrics monitoring tool to quantify consumer conversation in social spaces and conduct analyst research to provide qualitative insights into the consumer conversation because it was related to various social forums for pharmacy.
  • Cybage had a two-tier approach for client pharmacy brand monitoring:
  1. Retail pharmacy industry specific conversation
  2. Broader client pharmacy conversation
  • Cybage focused primarily on conversations around client pharmacy because they were related to the Retail Pharmacy industry, taking into account the larger client pharmacy conversations as a reference point for context and potential opportunities.
  • The Cybage team developed a weekly report that provided the complete competitive landscape to the client and its customers.
  • The reports featured actionable insights for teams focused on marketing communication, customer care, sales, and marketing communication.

Business impact:

  • Cybage offered the client various conversation summaries that indicated how the pharmacy faired with competitors.
  • This exercise helped the client to define strategies and marketing messages for future campaigns.
  • Cybage offered reports and discussions scribes about deals and coupons, which could connect and make an impact with end consumers.
  • Cybage collected user data, processed it, and reported the data to the client pharmacy as to how it faired up against competitors on various social media platforms.
  • The reports helped the client to benchmark its current performance and gain actionable strategic insights from its competitors.