Social platform engagement and development

About the client:
The client is a globally renowned agency that works with leading consumer brands in the world. These brands include businesses that operate on a pan-global level and regularly feature in the Fortune 1000. The client represents these businesses in the capacity of a full-service agency, helping manage their media spends and branding.

Business need:
Specified the dynamic nature of its end customers’ businesses, the client required:

  • Fast turnaround on consumer-centric projects that spanned across web, social, and mobile   
  • Encourage user engagement through social integrations and platform development   
  • Social media monitoring and reputation management   
  • Support in campaign management for display, social, and search

Solution offered:

  • Cybage used development and UX or UI expertise to help implement brand sites and assets across web (responsive), social pages and apps (Facebook, Google+, and Twitter), and mobile (native apps for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone).
  • Cybage integrated and created social features and platforms to drive user engagement and ‘virality’ of the brand.
  • Cybage performed social media monitoring to help the client and its brands assess brand perceptions and competitors’ brand perceptions and engage with consumers on social channels.
  • Cybage offered creative production support to help repurpose branding and ad creative, among others.
  • Cybage managed professional services to help manage campaigns across display, social, and search.

Business impact:
  Cybage did the following:

  • Helped the client augment resource and skills to take on consumer-centric projects—directly increasing top lines
  • Enabled access to skills in various technologies across web, social, and mobile
  • Provided niche expertise in social media monitoring, development, and professional services