Sustained engineering for a leading Video Ad network

About the client:
The client is a video advertising, optimization, and yield management solutions provider. Its technology capitalizes on the power of data and mathematics to ensure guaranteed delivery of a brand’s message against a very targeted demographic and enables content creators and publishers to completely monetize audiences across varied demographic segments. 

Business need:
Because the client’s product line and clientele was increasing, it required the following:

  • Implementation support for its proprietary ad server and self-serve platforms for partners
  • Advanced video ad inventory targeting solutions capitalizing on audience data
  • Reporting and analytics to help project inventory and prices and report post-run campaign data
  • Support for flexible ad monetization—pre-roll, post-roll, and click to play, among others: Such flexibility would also allow ads to be displayed based on user’s context.
  • Resource and skill augmentation to help develop demand and supply side platforms

Solution offered:

  • Cybage helped its client to develop an ad server that was scalable to address extending needs.
  • Further, the ad server was coupled with audience data to help achieve stronger targeting and returns.
  • The flexibility of the monetization solution helped the client to allow publishers to monetize content easily while giving a more ‘transactional’ nature to the advertisers’ spends.
  • Cybage developed a reporting framework to provide insights into ad spend and inventory.
  • Cybage helped develop and integrate a proprietary video player to manage video delivery and data aggregation.

Business impact:

  • Cybage allowed the client to address extending customer demand—effectively increasing revenue opportunity.
  • Cybage helped the client to demonstrate the value of its products by offering better consumer targeting and flexibility in pricing.
  • There was better and flexible support to end customers and partners, for their self-serve systems.