Website for mobile browsers for a leading computer accessories store

The client is one of the leading ecommerce store specializing in high-quality cables, components, and accessories for computer and consumer electronics.

Business Requirements: 

  • The client needed to develop an e-commerce website for mobile browsers, specifically compatible with iPhone web browser (Safari).
  • The website had to be scalable and extendable for other browsers such as Chrome and Opera mini.
  • The client needed easy addition of new modules with minimal efforts.
  • For this new website, the client wanted to capitalize on the same core framework—developed in classic Active Server Pages (ASP)—that was used for the main e-commerce website and wanted to leverage the same for this mobile friendly website.
  • The solution had to capitalize on the latest Microsoft technologies such as .NET with MVC and this framework was also required to support the legacy backend tools used by the same Web services.

Business Solution:

  • Cybage set up and enhanced the existing customer base to include iPhone users, and improvised and aligned client requirements to their specific business needs and objectives.
  • We proposed a comprehensive ‘Entity-framework–driven MVC architecture’ and developed the solution as of date.
  • Cybage’s experience and expertise in the E-commerce domain helped the client to quickly refine the existing website requirements, despite the lack of adequate technical documentation.
  • Cybage’s expertise in catalog management solutions benefited the client, especially for enhancing the existing search functionality by recommending them to add auto complete and search suggestions.


  • Operating systems: iOS 4, iOS 3,  Windows  Phone 7.5
  • Frameworks and technologies: .NET 4.0, MVC 3, Entity Framework 4.0, C#, LINQ, jQuery, Ajax
  • Database: SQL Server 2008 R2