Cybage leverages the AWS platform and develops and delivers enhanced AWS Machine Learning Solutions for our customers. Our expertise with predictive algorithms and methodologies using frameworks such as Amazon SageMaker and Amazon Rekogniton has enabled us to deliver enhanced business solutions to customers. With progressive prediction, advanced tools, and real-time insights, businesses can now be agile and innovative.

Our value-driven data analytics and enhanced AWS Machine Learning Services ensure that businesses make the best of machine learning and AI. Gain competitive advantage by harnessing our optimized deep learning methodologies in a multi-faceted environment. 


  • Machine Learning Solutions
  • Analytics and Security
  • Automated Frameworks
  • Enhanced Computing Options
  • Applied Intelligence 


  • Data Solutions – Data ingestion, processing, consolidation, and enhanced engineering
  • Platform Solutions – Comprehensive model development and deployment
  • SaaS and API Solutions – Augmented coding solutions and algorithms
  • Risk Management – Risk assessment and mitigation 
  • Deep Learning - Machine learning model deployment