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For any organization seeking to stay ahead of the competition, nurturing long-term partnerships is imperative. And for sustaining mutually beneficial relationships, Cybage relies on DecisionMinesTM for Digital Excellence, the ethos of which is deeply ingrained in Cybage’s DNA.

DecisionMinesTM is a scientific, data-driven framework that leverages machine learning and predictive analytics to help organizations uncover the value hidden beneath massive layers of data. It empowers business leaders to make informed decisions by synthesizing the Art of Judgment and the Science of Data.

It facilitates the transformative journey of decision makers from describing issues in hindsight to diagnosing them, progressing through increased incidence prediction and prescribing preemptive solutions, eventually leading to a state of continual self-learning and real-time actions. 

Through DecisionMinesTM, clients can benefit from every single capability that Cybage possesses. Its algorithms and decision-making process also minimize risks, thereby delivering a measurable ROI to the clients. Here is how Cybage leverages DecisionMinesTM:




  • Employee Value Proposition
  • Recruitment Methodology
  • Rich Attrition Analytics


  • Structured Team Hierarchies
  • Promotion Methodologies
  • Optimized Task Mapping


  • Investment Framework
  • Account Health Monitoring
  • Time Spent Inconsistencies
Attrition Risk

Attrition Risk

  • Demand-Supply Normalization
  • Shadow Project Hierarchies
  • Intelligent HR Inventions


  • Smart Bandwidth Management
  • Right Manager Identification
  • Root Cause Diagnostics


  • Near-zero Bench Latency
  • Just-in-time Resourcing
  • Rich Recruitment Analytics

Value Addition

  • Horizontal Organized Hierarchies
  • Mandatory Structured Forums
  • Targeted Training Programs



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