Amit Gajwani

Executive Vice President (EVP)

Amit Gajwani

EVP – Global Business & Strategy

Amit is the Executive Vice President and part of the core leadership team at Cybage. Amit heads the organization’s Sales and Business Development department. He also leads the Marketing Communications and Legal teams at Cybage.

At the forefront of the company’s growth, Amit supports, formulates, and implements clear short-term and long-term operational and business strategies. His extensive career in the strategic field of Business Development has helped him efficiently seek out and convert numerous business opportunities to key alliances and partnerships. His work function is also integrated in the management of the organization’s contractual and legal requirements including its RFPs, RFIs, Internal Legal Opinions, and the formulation and review of existing processes. Furthermore, Amit maintains a diligent stance to strengthen Cybage’s global presence through sustained efforts at Marketing Communications.

Amit comes from a strong technical background. He has executed substantial roles as account manager and delivery manager before instating himself into the arena of sales and business development. His strong experience of an end-to-end life cycle of software delivery and client interaction enables him to effectively determine Cybage’s pricing versus value delivery equation in light of the global economic factors and client expectations.

Besides leading panel discussions and seminars, Amit also mentors aspiring managers from premier institutions in the areas of strategic intuition, business planning, and networking skills. He received the ‘Young Achiever Award’ at the National Award in IT Excellence and the CMO Asia Awards 2012 held in Mumbai and Singapore, respectively. Amit was also honored with the title of ‘The Greatest Corporate Leader of India - IT 2013’ by at Mumbai.