Greg Wiggins

Greg Wiggins

Greg Wiggins

SVP and Business Head
West Coast (USA)

Greg is the Senior Vice President and Business Head, West Coast (USA) at Cybage. He brings over 25 years of expertise in leading technologies and business development. He has been monumental in bridging the gap between technology and business to transform the future of organizations.

Greg is responsible for developing and driving growth strategy and innovation initiatives in the United States. He is dedicated to streamlining business resources to accelerate sales. With a proven track-record of managing multi-functional global teams and carving out maps of success, he is known for his high work ethic, desire to improve, and the importance of leading by example.

Prior to joining Cybage, Greg led several business areas within a business, including Support, Testing, Software Development, and Business Development. He has handled a variety of leadership roles of increasing responsibilities and has focused on bringing creative solutions to the clients’ businesses and digital transformation challenges.

In addition to his leadership qualities, he is recognized for creating, leading, and managing successful offshore engineering teams to accelerate development and reduce operating costs.

He is a Computer Science alumnus and a holder of two patents, backed with a strong desire to help others achieve success.