Executive Vice President (EVP)

Rajesh Kurup

EVP - Delivery

Rajesh is the Executive Vice President and part of the core leadership team at Cybage. As a representative of the Executive Management Team, Rajesh heads the Media & Entertainment Practice at Cybage. Rajesh also heads the organization’s Human Resource Development functioning, which stands as the core of the developmental pillar at Cybage.

Media & Entertainment is one of the largest verticals at Cybage and Rajesh in this prime domain has played a key role in establishing Cybage as one of the best IT service providers in the global industry. His knowledge and capabilities combined with his sustained efforts have been exemplary standpoints to managers and future leaders alike. Rajesh works and validates his chief position through dedicated management and leadership acumen in Project Management, Channel Partner Recruitment, Strategic Client Relationship skills, and Key Business Consulting. Alongside his domain expertise, Rajesh is also a skillful navigator and contributor to the field of Human Resource Development. He aims to facilitate enterprise management through substantial Workforce Management, Employee Development, Employee Engagement and Key Analytics for competency enhancement and process effectiveness.

Rajesh started his career as a software developer and moved on to the USA to work in systems analysis, database management, and software project management. He has been a part of critical and large projects for banks such as Wells Fargo and Norwest Mortgage. He joined Cybage in 2000 as a project manager and rapidly took on more responsibilities to help facilitate Cybage’s dramatic expansion, playing a principal role in making it one of the leading software service providers in India.