Our employees are our biggest assets and ensuring the utmost care of their health and wellbeing is our top priority. In the welfare of our employees, we have taken the requisite precautionary steps across our offices – keeping in adherence to the health and safety guidelines issued by the World Health Organization, the Government of India and the NASSCOM. The majority of our employees are working from home, and for those coming into offices - all our workplaces, cafeterias, conference rooms, incoming vehicles, and other office premises are being sanitized at regular intervals.

We are conducting compulsory temperature screening of employees using thermal scanners. Employees are being provided necessary personal sanitization provisions including face masks and sanitizers at all possible touch-points. In order to encourage social distancing, all meetings are now being held remotely via collaborative tools, employee seating arrangements have been made with the help of isolated workstations, and cafeterias have been segregated.

All Cybage’s internal operational support staff have been provided temporary residency at the office premises since 10th March 2020. The leadership team is keeping a close eye on work scenarios and employees are being continuously apprised of the developments and progress. Our Business Continuity Plan and the Disaster Recovery module is in place. We have canceled all travel plans until normalcy returns, to ensure that no employee is exposed to the virus.