​​​​​Zinnov’s Global Media and Entertainment Service Providers Ratings’ (GSPR) 2015 recognizes Cybage in the leadership zone in New Media and Marketing and Advertising category


​Cybage Software, an emerging global leader in the Product Engineering and IT Services space, has been ranked in the leadership zone in New Media and Marketing and Advertising category by Zinnov’s ​Global M&E Service Providers Ratings(G​SPR) 2015. In the GSPR M&E – 2015 Rating Report, Cybage has been widely recognized for its work in the New Media, Marketing and Advertising segments

​The Zinnov’s survey emphasizes the strength and ability of Cybage in content transformation, analytics, ad tech, media planning solutions, and formal innovation culture (resulting in IP’s and strategic innovations). The Cybage Media and Entertainment domain focuses on leadership role in alliances, academic research, and co-creation with the customers.

"​Rajesh Kurup, Sr. VP, Head – Media & Entertainment Practice at Cybage, says, “New media has amplified our reach to people and revolutionized how one perceives technology. It is an honor to be ranked in the Leadership Zone for the Zinnov’s Global M&E Service Providers Ratings’ (GSPR) survey 2015, especially given the strong competition. This recognition reiterates our focus on infusing technology in marketing functions that has created significant opportunities and changed the dynamics of the industry. It also re-affirms our effectiveness in providing Advertising and Marketing solutions to world’s leading agencies, Ad Tech providers and marketing services providers."

"Sidhant Rastogi, Partner & Practice Head, Zinnov, says, “Cybage has been able to leverage its deep expertise in the ad tech space to build specific solutions for marketing and new media customers. Being one of the few service providers who work closely with some of the largest companies in Online, advertising space across product development and analytics services makes them a preferred partner for organizations operating in the New Media , Marketing and Advertisement space."