We let our clients focus on what they do best, their business—while we do the data heavy-lifting. Our core philosophy lies in strengthening the ‘Humech bond.’ This tied with human-centered design gives rise to solutions that impact management decisions. We are dedicated to transforming the way machine learning, deep learning, and predictive analytics, liaison with each other in real-time. The result of this very doctrine is our homegrown solution, DecisionMinesTM.

Make informed decisions for your business backed by our advanced data science solutions. 


Our Bespoke Services


A solution can be tailor-made, just for our customer.

Artificial Intelligence
Innovation in today’s age implies continual learning by machines and humans both for transformation—from Digital Laggards/Followers/Evaluators/Adopters to Leaders. We help our clients build and deploy comprehensive machine learning solutions to make systems and processes efficient and smart.

Big Data Architecture
A project calls for the right planning and tools–a Big Data project is no different. It is necessary to get the blueprint right before starting construction. We offer a wide range of technologies at your disposal: Storage, Data Management, Analytics, and Security.

BI and Analytics
Structured or unstructured data–we aim at providing analytics solutions that effectively tackle the growing demand for decision-making support.

Learn how to leverage data to boost your business insights with our advanced data science analytics.