Case Studies

About the client: The client is a fast-growing Indian pharmaceutical company with a global presence. It develops, manufactures, and markets a broad range of pharmaceutical products along with a variety of in-house products.

Business requirements: Drug-related information was shared with the regulatory and marketing stakeholders in the form of Excel sheets and the related documents as attachments in emails. The client lacked a centralized repository for information and hence, could not monitor the progress of various processes. Forecasting was not possible because data was not in a structured form. The client's Sales department lacked insight into the existing data; gaining access to this information was also a huge problem.

Solution: Cybage developed a fully integrated responsive portal with drug-related information, providing real-time and dynamic data to the concerned stakeholders. This portal targeted tablets and iPads and provided access to all the sales and management executives, even during their scheduled sales travels.

Tools and technologies: MS SharePoint 2013, Knockout JS, SQL Server 2008 R2, jQuery

About the client: The client is a leading supplier of online assessment software to educational institutions, public sector employers, and commercial companies worldwide. Their products enable organizations to measure knowledge, skills, and attitudes securely and achieve successful learning outcomes.

Business requirements: The client’s mission is to provide the highest quality testing and assessment technologies. The challenge was that with multiple products in this range, marketing and selling the suite of products to end users was difficult in the absence of a unified solution, which reduced the effectiveness of the entire education process for the end users. The client was in need of a unified, powerful, stable platform that will encompass their suite of products and enable them to sell it as—Software as a Service. For this they needed a consultation and implementation partner to identify and strategize the roadmap for this new platform.

Solution: The Cybage Enterprise Consulting team was initially involved in a discovery phase where we understood the goals and objectives. Based on this, our team performed in-depth comparative analysis of available options and assisted the client in selecting the final platform. The output of this consulting exercise was a comprehensive report that focused on the following:

  • Listing of key features that the platform should provide
  • Functional and Technical Feasibility Study of available platforms
  • Mapping of features from available platforms to the requirements
  • Weighted comparison and analysis of available platforms
  • High-Level roadmaps for top three chosen available platforms in context to the business requirement
  • Conclusions and recommendations

Cybage Experts Involved: Solution Architect, Technical Architect, Portal Subject Matter Expertise, and Business Analyst.

About the client: The client is Asia’s leading provider of sustainable urban solutions and is uniquely placed to undertake urbanization projects spanning townships, mixed-use developments, and business and industrial parks.

Business requirements: Legacy solutions, manual processes, and lack of collaboration between multiple functions had started to impose limitations on scaling up of internal operations which are key to any business growth. There was a need to retire these legacy solutions and eliminate/limit manual process to empower the employees for various functions. There was a need for a process driven framework and operations that would streamline these issues.

Solution: Cybage was involved to assist in designing and automation of all functional processes that mapped across HR, Legal, IT, Finance, Operations, and Support Functions. Implementing Business Process Management (BPM) has showed significant success and contributed to improve operational efficiency, productivity, minimize human error, and monitor progress through analytics built over these processes.

Tools and technologies: K2 Blackpearl, SharePoint 2015, and MS.Net

Cybage experts involved: Solution Architects, Business Analysts, and K2 Blackpearl Experts.

About the client: The client, a renowned real estate firm based in Pune, has been creating premium residential and commercial projects since 1970. A full-service organization with in-house architects, engineers, and construction crew, the client has an in-house interior design division that helps design homes as per customer preferences.

Business requirements: The real estate industry is changing day by day and adoption of technology is rapidly increasing at various levels. With customer engagement and service quality becoming a crucial factor, the client wanted to implement a full fledge new generation customer support platform for its existing customers. This platform would have an end goal of improving and achieving highest ratings for the customer satisfaction. 

Solution: Cybage was involved at a very early stage of incubation of this platform. Cybage conceptualized and implemented a hybrid platform with a goal to increase connect and engagement, provide a channel for query resolution, issue management, and implement closed-loop back office workflows to improve efficiency and response time to the customer. Cybage designed and implemented the following: 

  • A modern, user-friendly, and compelling mobile app for the client's customers
  • A backend portal for the client's Customer Support and Servicing department
  • A dashboard and data slice-n-dice view of incoming requests and their progress to the client's executives to help them make informed decisions

Tools and technologies: Drupal, Phonegap, and Amazon Web Services

Cybage experts involved: Solution Architects, Business Analysts, Mobility Experts, and CMS Experts.

​About the client: The client is a leading manufacturer and supplier of portable and fixed landfill gas analyzers and biogas analyzers.

Business requirements:

  • LOB application development for the client's service offerings
  • Swift development and delivery of product while accommodating the requirements of the client's customers
  • Resolution of defects while ensuring product reliability and integrity

Solution: Considering Cybage's proven strengths in executing projects, its technical expertise, and experience and domain knowledge of Manufacturing Resource Planning, the client decided to engage with us. The objectives of this engagement were as follows:

  • Development of new applications to manage specific needs
  • Addition of new functional workflows and redesign (for some of them)
  • Addition of business validations and redesign (for some of them)
  • Resolution of identified defects

Tools and technologies: C#, WinForms, WPF, WCF, QlikView, SAP Business Objects, Flex

About the client: The client is a financial advisory firm offering professional advisory services mainly in the Tax, Mergers & Acquisitions, and Risk & Advisory Practice areas. It is a partner to many domestic and global Fortune 500 companies. It is ranked among the top Tax and Mergers & Acquisitions brands in Asia.

Business requirements:

  • Intranet portal to facilitate collaboration and knowledge management
  • Standardized processes and information to improve decision making and increase the productivity of employees
  • Data aggregation portals and personalized sub-sites for each of the client's customers. The number of sub-sites envisioned was more than 3,000 approximately

Solution: Cybage provided the following services to the client:

  • An Intranet portal to manage and fulfill collaboration and knowledge management requirements of the client
  • Consulting services and idea exploration for the envisioned requirement
  • Continuous managed services support after the completion and deployment of the portals

Tools and technologies: MS SharePoint Online (Office 365), JSOM, jQuery, CSOM, MS PowerShell, provider-hosted apps

About the client: The client is a major two-wheeler and three-wheeler manufacturing company. It is the world's sixth-largest manufacturer of motorcycles and the world's largest manufacturer of three-wheelers. The client is in business for more than 70 years. It has three lines of business—Motorcycles, Commercial Vehicles (CV), and International Business (export of motorcycles and commercial vehicles). 

Business requirement: This requirement was for the Sales team handling the client's CV business. The client wanted to develop a web-based application for creating, reviewing, and simulating sales strategies according to numerous parameters and monitoring the compliance of these strategies. The client believed that this application will help increase the market share of its CV business segment, making it an industry leader in various parts of India.

Solution: Cybage understood the requirement, suggested a solution, and developed an Office 365 based application. For the application, Cybage did the following:

  • Made the application accessible to various stakeholders from the client's sales team, irrespective of their work location
  • Made the application configurable and role-based, enabling the Sales team to devise strategies and take actions depending on various pre-decided parameters

Using the application, the Sales team could compare its product marketing strategies against the competitors' strategies on various financial, operational, and economic parameters, giving the client a decisive advantage.

Tools and technologies: Office 365, AngularJS, TypeScript, Entity Framework 6.1.3, Web API 2.2, LINQ, MS SQL Server 2012

About the client: The client is one of India’s leading manufacturing company in the Electrical-Electronic space with a superior product range comprising of pollution control for coal fired power stations, security/enforcement, UPS systems for mission critical power back-up, Targeted Defense solutions, and Smart Traffic & Transportation.
Business requirements: The client wanted to undergo Digital Transformation to better align with IT. 
Solution: Cybage’s Enterprise consulting group engaged with the client to design and detail a two year comprehensive Digital Adoption Roadmap. During this consulting engagement we studied the existing challenges, current shape of the client’s IT environment and its impact on business goals, and the envisioned goals. The goal of this roadmap is to ensure that there is tight integration between business processes & IT, streamlining of applications, focused towards networked business models, build data/analytics for predictive capabilities, and empower business and the staff to leverage innovative technologies. Based on this information and through multiple consultative and brainstorming iterations with the client we came up with a Digital Adoption Roadmap to undergo this transformation. 
Following are some of the key activities and deliverables:

  • Brainstorming sessions and workshops with stakeholders at different levels.
  • Mind mapping and execution of 5W1H strategy.
  • Presenting a comprehensive view of the current state.
  • Recommendations for adoption of better technology platforms.
  • Detailed two year roadmap for Digital Adoption.

Cybage experts involved in this project: Business Analysts, Solution Architect, Digital Specialist, and Technology Architects.

About the client: The client is an Indian multinational conglomerate having diverse businesses that include natural resources, logistics, agribusiness, and energy sectors. The client is the largest port developer and operator in India and has grown to become a global integrated infrastructure player with businesses in key industry verticals—natural resources, logistics, and energy.

Business requirements: The growth and diversity in business introduced operational challenges around collaboration, easy and secure access to information, centralized governance and compliance and efficient monitoring. The client wanted to develop an integrated enterprise-wide collaboration platform to encourage communication and knowledge management; enhance engagement; and streamline corporate alignment. The requirements included execution of a Consulting, Envisioning, and Designing phases for this proposed platform and creation of a set of technical & functional deliverables, guidelines, and user interface design for this platform based on which this platform could be developed in near future.

Solution: Cybage, through its Enterprise consulting group, engaged in a comprehensive Discovery and Envision phase. This phase focused on identifying and documenting the key business entities, actors, functional features, user personas, user journeys, technical features, environments, constraints, and eventually, creation of a detailed vision for this platform. The exercise involved engaging with various stakeholders from SMEs to CXOs to employees via workshops, brainstorming sessions etc.

Some of the key deliverables of this exercise were as follows:

  • Discovery and Workshop Observation Reports
  • Platform vision presentation with the envisioned UX designs
  • Scope document (functional and technical)
  • Detailed architecture design and recommendation document
  • Governance & Compliance Plans

Cybage experts involved in this project: A Business Analyst, a Solution Architect, a UX Specialist, a Usability Analyst

About the client: The client is Asia’s leading provider of sustainable urban solutions and is uniquely placed to undertake urbanization projects spanning townships, mixed-use developments and business and industrial parks.
Business requirements: The client required idea incubation and strategy development of a next-generation F&B service mobile app for its business and industrial parks. The objective was to provide a value-added service to the occupants and the F&B vendors that worked in these business parks, townships, among others. It was a germinal idea, which had to be converted into a mature vision and strategy. 

Solution: The Enterprise Digitalization and Consulting team at Cybage worked with the client to develop a clear strategy and nurture this idea into a detailed business proposition. This exercise involved setting up of workshops with stakeholders from various functions such as Marketing, customer experience, IT, Business Development, and Management. These workshops focused on educating, hand-holding, and driving the client team to define the roadmap, strategy, vision, business implications, user journeys, and technical and non-technical considerations for this idea. 

Following are some of the deliverables:

  • A detailed business proposition
  • High-level functional specifications
  • Evolution strategy for the app
  • User journey maps
  • Futuristic technology recommendations

Cybage experts involved in this project: Sr. Enterprise Consultants, Business Analysts, Solution Architect, and Mobility Experts.

​About the client: The client is India's largest and among the world's leading manufacturers of cement, one of India's largest producers of Ready Mix Cement (RMC) and the nation's largest producer of white cement.

Business requirements: Organization of the data—such as technical know-how, best practices, and subject matter expertise—generated at the client's multiple offices, plants, and units across the country and the globe had become difficult. It was important for the client to capitalize on the knowledge across the enterprise to improve the overall efficiency and profitability. The client wanted a knowledge management portal to achieve the above objectives and further wanted to integrate the portal with the existing HR and ERP solutions.

Solution: Cybage developed a fully integrated solution that provided a centralized document repository with an extensive search facility, a forum to share knowledge, and a provision to help users reach out to subject matter experts (SMEs). Cybage also automated the existing learning and knowledge-sharing processes in the organization.

Tools and technologies: MS SharePoint 2013, jQuery, Seclore IRM, SAP integration, PeopleSoft.

About the client: The client is a leading provider of on-demand dealer management software and services for the automotive industry. It strives to enhance the efficiency and profitability of all the major segments of the Automotive Retail industry, such as dealers, lenders, OEMs, agents, and aftermarket providers.

Business requirement: Development of a line-of-business, web-based inventory management solution.

Solution: Cybage developed a framework that provided connectivity to pull real-time information from the Document Management System (DMS). The framework pulled data into the supplier's specific format, transformed it, applied business logic, and exposed it as standard messages. This framework hosted a large inventory of static content and provided UI-based inventory management capabilities. It exposed a full range of services to support search and trading flow. Cybage implemented a web-based Presentation layer to capitalize on the services provided by this framework.

Tools and technologies: MS .NET framework, Telerik controls, MS SQL Server, WebSphere ILogRule Engine

About the client: The client is a provider of value-added engineering services and products to the Wireless industry. It is the industry leader in post-processing and analysis of collected data and processes data collected anywhere in the world. The core business of the client is to collect all the information related to wireless voice and packet data for technologies such as GSM, WCDMA, CDMA, EDGE, HSPA, LTE, EVDO, and WiMax and send it to the server-side operational systems.

Business requirements: The client was facing the following business challenges:

  • Avoiding business and revenue losses due to decline in performance
  • Implementing automation to get rid of the manual intervention after transformation
  • Minimizing operational time and enhancing accuracy
  • Executing transformation or migration with zero business impact
  • Handling of geo-specific data

Solution: Cybage introduced the Identify Design Migrate Retire (IDMR) model to come up with the final transformation strategy. This process included analysis of the existing processes and systems for business process optimization, rationalization, and migration.

Adherence to the best practices for database server upgrade and data migration in a clustered environment was Cybage's key achievement in this transformation program.

Some key business results were as follows:

  • Increased user acceptance and customer satisfaction
  • Seventy percent cost saving due to application migration
  • Diminished operational time, increased accuracy, and 40 percent reduction in manual intervention (all these due to automation)
  • Reduced benchmarking report tuning from 3 hours to 15 minutes

Tools and technologies: Implementation of the IDMR model


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