Case Studies

About the client:
The client is a leading independent cable advertising representation firm, giving video providers dependable, high-quality representation of their advertising inventory.

Business need:
The client wanted a partner with strong industry and systems expertise to:

  • Create an impressions-based Order Entry system.
  • Enable account executives and sales managers to create proposals and orders.
  • Integrate with Google DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) to push orders for managing ad campaigns on Google Fiber’s Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) network.
  • Self-serve a web portal.

Solution offered:

  • Consulting-led approach
  • Requirements elicitation
  • Usability and wireframes with low-fidelity prototypes  
  • Visual designs with responsive design approach
  • Application architecture
  • Development of a proprietary platform
  • Manual QA, Automation QA

Business impact:

  • Improved UI aesthetics and developed a device-agnostic, simple, and user-friendly interface with quicker response time
  • Centralized the Software as a Service (SaaS) tool to manage the proposal or order creation
  • Managed orders for Google Fiber in multiple markets
  • Increased operational efficiency by automating the order creation workflow
  • Finished real-time integration with DFP's Impression Forecast system
  • Provided DFP impressions insights on available inventory

About the client:
The client is a world leader in Media Investment Management. It communicates with its agencies on behalf of its customers and acts as a parent and collaborator in performance-enhancing activities such as trading, content creation, sports, digital, finance, proprietary tool development, and other business-critical capabilities.

Business need:
The client wanted a partner with strong industry and systems expertise to:

  • Build a unified platform to manage the media buying and analytics workflow.
  • Develop major analytics modules.
  • Provide rich interfaces for the required functionalities.
  • Do technical writing to prepare user manuals, guides, online help, and video tutorials.
  • Validate, update, and monitor the data for various applications. 
  • Implement Quality Assurance (QA).
  • Develop audience look-a-like models.

Solution offered:

  • Developed a single window servicing the end-to-end operations of the business such as media planning, media buying, audience targeting, activation, Return on Investment (RoI) measurement, optimization, and visualization. 
  • Completed a total revamp of Data Analytics Services and the Data Analytics platform. 
  • Restructured all modules and properly organized them.  
  • Introduced a totally new user interface (UI) considering factors such as usability, with a better look and feel. 
  • Introduced new features such as custom reports, formatted export to Excel, and export to PDF. 
  • Developed major analytics modules. 
  • Designed, developed, and optimized the database model.
  • Participated in all other departments such as QA and technical writing.
  • Provided technical or functional production support for the Live tool.
  • Managed real-time visitor event processing and scoring.
  • Ensured that the intuitive product gave meaningful marketing insights to Business Analysts and Marketers.
  • Enabled evaluation of effectiveness and efficiency of marketing initiatives to understand key drivers of business performance.

Business impact:

  • The client’s dashboard application was available with up-to-date data.
  • An improved and user-friendly DataMart (Extract Transform Load (ETL)) tool was ready for usage by the advertising agencies. 
  • The client was benefited due to improved Return on Investment (RoI) monitoring and reporting.
  • Integration with third-party tools for data acquisition and ETL processing was to be further displayed on the client dashboards.
  • We enabled collaboration between the Data Science team and the Media Planning teams with respect to media mix optimization.
  • We enabled the client to optimize its marketing Ro on an ongoing basis.
  • We enabled a 360 degree view of marketing performance across all marketing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) including traditional and digital media.

​About the client:
The client is a leading provider of supply-side services that help agencies and advertisers gain actionable insights into their media spend. The client’s platform solutions and cloud applications provide a complete picture of consumers and cross-channel campaigns and connect with a worldwide advertising ecosystem of more than 100 partners. The client’s platform currently analyzes more than 4 trillion audience attributes and makes more than 80 billion advertising decisions.   

Business need:

  • ​The client required a technology partner with domain and systems expertise to help develop its ad serving and audience management platform.
  • The nature of the platform required the client to implement strong user experience. This user experience was not limited to usability but also to the overall visualization of data and reports on the site.
  • Specified the number of enhancements and development iterations that the client had planned, Automation testing was also a significant challenge. Existing implementations towards Automation testing were not addressing the client’s requirements.

Solution​ offered:

  • Cybage aligned a Development team with strong knowledge of the Media and Advertising domain with exposure to having developed similar systems.
  • This ensured faster turnaround in implementation and high quality output. New feature implementation required lesser knowledge transfer.
  • In addition, Cybage helped the client to enhance its platform with new feature recommendations and enhancements.
  • Cybage developed and re-engineered code towards Automation testing of the client’s software infrastructure.
  • The User Experience (UX) group at Cybage undertook an extensive exercise to completely rehaul the client’s application User Interfaces (UIs).
  • Use of Angular JS and newer front-end technologies helped with a responsive UI.

Business impact:

  • The engagement positively affected both the top and the bottom lines of the client.
  • The time to market new features was significantly reduced. Specified the client’s aggressive growth plans, this was a critical contribution to its business.
  • The client’s end clientele were able to derive stronger benefits and insights out of their product line based on the enhanced user experience—demonstrating stronger value for end users.

About the client:
The client is a globally reputed mobile advertising exchange and provides advertising solutions to advertisers, agencies, mobile application developers, and publishers. Its platform offers a marketplace that is easy to integrate and incorporate. With support for Real-time Bidding (RTB) and Ad Mediation, it provides a highly optimized environment for publishers, advertisers, networks, supply side platforms (SSPs), and demand side platforms (DSPs) to manage ad inventory, targeting, and ad serving.

Business need:
The client required a partner with strong industry and systems expertise to help:

  • Develop an RTB solution that will help to bid for inventory across various SSPs, in addition to exposing own inventory for integrations with DSPs
  • Incorporate the OpenRTB guidelines and industry best practices for RTB auctions
  • Implement the front end for use by customers, admin, publishers, and agency or advertiser users
  • Extend the bidding platform to include ad mediation, thereby providing greater flexibility to app publishers
  • Manage technical support and customer support for its platform and infrastructure

Solution offered:

  • Cybage helped the client to create a scalable and flexible ad exchange platform that supported programmatic bidding scenarios.
  • The core platform was extended to address various bidding scenarios such as RTB and ad mediation
  • The implementation of ad mediation ensured maximum exposure to a publisher’s inventory across multiple networks, thereby increasing monetization options.
  • As part of incorporating the ad mediation functionality, the Cybage team helped develop Software Development Kits (SDKs) and the required interface to allow publishers to expose their inventory to multiple ad networks.
  • Cybage developed robust information architecture and aesthetic interfaces for use by platform users.
  • Cybage implemented extensive reporting and decision enabling modules. This included integration with third-party modules to achieve bid optimization.
  • Cybage provided technical and customer support for the client’s products and infrastructure.

Business impact:  

  • Direct contribution to top lines: Bidding-based models contributed a significant percentage of the client’s revenues.   
  • Optimized bidding helped the client derive lower Consumer Price Index (CPI) and Cost per Click (CPC) for inventory. This in turn helped achieve better margins towards inventory sold.    
  • There were reduced cost overheads when providing technical assistance and support towards the client’s products and infrastructure.   
  • Recommendations and enhancements helped the client to develop products with stronger user experience and value for its customers.

About the client:
The client is a globally renowned agency that works with leading consumer brands in the world. These brands include businesses that operate on a pan-global level and regularly feature in the Fortune 1000. The client represents these businesses in the capacity of a full-service agency, helping manage their media spends and branding.

Business need:
Specified the dynamic nature of its end customers’ businesses, the client required:

  • Fast turnaround on consumer-centric projects that spanned across web, social, and mobile   
  • Encourage user engagement through social integrations and platform development   
  • Social media monitoring and reputation management   
  • Support in campaign management for display, social, and search

Solution offered:

  • Cybage used development and UX or UI expertise to help implement brand sites and assets across web (responsive), social pages and apps (Facebook, Google+, and Twitter), and mobile (native apps for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone).
  • Cybage integrated and created social features and platforms to drive user engagement and ‘virality’ of the brand.
  • Cybage performed social media monitoring to help the client and its brands assess brand perceptions and competitors’ brand perceptions and engage with consumers on social channels.
  • Cybage offered creative production support to help repurpose branding and ad creative, among others.
  • Cybage managed professional services to help manage campaigns across display, social, and search.

Business impact:
  Cybage did the following:

  • Helped the client augment resource and skills to take on consumer-centric projects—directly increasing top lines
  • Enabled access to skills in various technologies across web, social, and mobile
  • Provided niche expertise in social media monitoring, development, and professional services

About the client:
The client is a globally renowned newspaper and a diversified Education and Media company. The client’s newspaper brand is generally regarded among the leading dailies in its region, and its online version is read widely across the world.  

Business need: 
The client was looking to monetize its content across multiple channels. As part of its strategy, the client was:

  • Re-engineering its content and prepress workflows using an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system
  • Unifying the editorial and content workflow for print and digital
  • Extending its presence across web and mobile
  • Syndicating and aggregating content optimally to and from other sources
  • Managing users effectively and creating context-driven recommendations.

Solution offered:

  • Cybage helped the client to migrate its content and prepress workflows to a proven platform. Through its ECM Center of Excellence (CoE), Cybage implemented these workflows on to the client’s Content Management System (CMS) of choice.
  • Cybage helped the publisher to implement approval workflows and manage content through syndicated sources.
  • Using CMS content feeds, the Cybage team helped the client manage multiple consumer-facing assets.
  • Cybage developed required feeds for integration with mobile devices (iOS, Android, and Kindle, among others). These news feeds allowed further monetization avenues for the client.
  • Cybage implemented ad monetization solutions across the client’s consumer-facing properties. Cybage integrated ad tags for display and mobile advertising.
  • Cybage helped to implement recommendation engines and services to drive context-based recommendations to users. 

Business impact:
Cybage did the following:

  • Helped extend and monetize content on mobile devices—directly affecting the client’s revenues
  • Reduced operational inefficiencies by integrating and optimizing workflows: This in turn reduced the costs of operations for the client.
  • Drove user engagement and reader ‘stickiness’ and helped increase the potential to sell audiences to advertisers

About the client:
The client, through its products, offers content owners and businesses the ability to manage and deliver content with complete security and surety. The product features robust subscription and permissions management that allows businesses complete control over how users consume content. In addition, the client also helps content-driven businesses effectively monitor licensing and royalties of their content.

Business need:

  • Developing a flexible subscription and permissions management system: Such a system would require support for various monetization models—pay per view and time-based access, among others.
  • Executing contracts workflow management and revenue assurance
  • Managing digital rights of the content delivered
  • Enhancing the back-end infrastructure to effectively manage meta information and product bundling
  • Developing a platform to easily manage contracts, licensing, and royalties of content

Solution offered:

  • Cybage developed a scalable and flexible subscription and permission system.
  • Through its Mobile CoE, Cybage helped the client to develop proprietary mobile and desktop SDKs for Digital Rights Management (DRM) to provide a secure means to deliver content.
  • Cybage helped the client to develop a robust, flexible, and scalable system to manage subscriptions and product bundles.
  • The DRM SDKs also worked in an offline disconnected mode to track usage based on products subscribed.
  • The enhancements and developments to the platform helped the client to provide valuable avenues for its customers to effectively monetize video content and manage revenues through licensing and royalties.

Business impact:

  • The client could successfully enhance its product line to offer subscription management to its customers. This addition helped to generate additional revenues for the client.
  • The platform extended itself to become a digital marketplace for content owners and licensees, for content syndication.
  • Cybage allowed the client to address the secure delivery of content using digital rights management. This, in turn, helped to add a valuable feature to its product functionality—enabling more confidence for its customers when subscribing to the products.
  • The client’s customers could now easily manage contracts, licensing, and royalties with respect to their content. The subscriptions for this product further enhanced the top lines for the client.

About the client:
The client is a video advertising, optimization, and yield management solutions provider. Its technology capitalizes on the power of data and mathematics to ensure guaranteed delivery of a brand’s message against a very targeted demographic and enables content creators and publishers to completely monetize audiences across varied demographic segments. 

Business need:
Because the client’s product line and clientele was increasing, it required the following:

  • Implementation support for its proprietary ad server and self-serve platforms for partners
  • Advanced video ad inventory targeting solutions capitalizing on audience data
  • Reporting and analytics to help project inventory and prices and report post-run campaign data
  • Support for flexible ad monetization—pre-roll, post-roll, and click to play, among others: Such flexibility would also allow ads to be displayed based on user’s context.
  • Resource and skill augmentation to help develop demand and supply side platforms

Solution offered:

  • Cybage helped its client to develop an ad server that was scalable to address extending needs.
  • Further, the ad server was coupled with audience data to help achieve stronger targeting and returns.
  • The flexibility of the monetization solution helped the client to allow publishers to monetize content easily while giving a more ‘transactional’ nature to the advertisers’ spends.
  • Cybage developed a reporting framework to provide insights into ad spend and inventory.
  • Cybage helped develop and integrate a proprietary video player to manage video delivery and data aggregation.

Business impact:

  • Cybage allowed the client to address extending customer demand—effectively increasing revenue opportunity.
  • Cybage helped the client to demonstrate the value of its products by offering better consumer targeting and flexibility in pricing.
  • There was better and flexible support to end customers and partners, for their self-serve systems.

About the client:
The client is a leading provider of video solutions and an infrastructure provider.

Business need:
The client provided its customers hosting and infrastructure services and was looking to move into offering a packaged product for an end-to-end video management solution. This video management solution would help its customers to:

  • Manage video content optimally through advanced meta-information and content ingestion workflows
  • Ensure multi-device video through transcoding and adaptive streaming infrastructure
  • Define subscription bundles
  • Allow content owners to effectively stream to web, mobile, social, TV, and consoles
  • Set up and publish video sites using a ‘wizard-type’ interface

Solution offered:

  • Cybage helped the client to develop the video management platform.
  • To enable streaming, Cybage developed and implemented transcoding libraries for multi device streaming.
  • Cybage completed implementation of infrastructure to plug into live video feeds and multitenant streaming capabilities.
  • The site wizard included all facets of monetization, allowing the client’s customers to easily set up, manage, and monetize content.

Business impact:

  • The development of the video management and delivery platform helped the client to develop a new revenue channel.
  • There was better packaging of the existing infrastructure and hosting services.
  • This product line, coupled with its existing infrastructure services, helped the client to demonstrate significant value addition to its customers.

About the client:
The client is a leading global media investment management organization with focus on intelligent application of performance-enhancing activities, which helps in in-depth analysis of market spending and ensures better ROI.

Business need:

  • A multitenant system to be used by multiple media agencies within the group
  • A decision support system for Media Managers to help with media planning, budget allocation or optimization, and Ad ROI measurement across media channels
  • Rich user experience and usability for the platform
  • Strong data management and integrity for reports and analytics
  • Support for media spend across currencies, when supporting multinational brands
  • Improved functioning of major analytics modules within the client platform
  • Re-architecture, upgradation, and development of the client marketing and media management platform
  • Incorporation of enhancements and upgrades based on evolving needs
  • Quality Assurance (QA) expertise to develop and establish QA standards and measures

Solution offered:

  • Platform revamping, restructuring, and development
  • Re-architecture and migration of the client platform to newer technology
  • Development of major analytics modules and various features
  • Performance upgrading and enhanced scalability
  • Introduction of new UI designs considering factors such as customization, usability, and appearance
  • Brand onboarding, feeds management, and implementations

Business impact:

  • Higher turnaround on development and implementation of platform features
  • Lower time to market and reduced costs of development
  • Data management and hygiene for higher reliability and integrity when reporting

About the client:
The client is a leading global digital marketing agency with presence in arenas of search marketing, web development, social media, and mobile solutions serving large enterprises and new businesses alike.

Business need:

  • Product development to automate business workflows around planning, bid management, campaign management and associated reporting, ROI measurement and analytics for the client’s connected marketing platforms
  • Need for quantitative, real-time actionable data
  • Performance overhead
  • Development of the client data collection system
  • Reporting and system scalability
  • Resource augmentation for creative production and brand development 

Solution offered:

  • Cybage helped develop an integrated marketing platform. This platform helped manage marketing and spend data across display, search, and social. This platform involved heavy integrations with APIs from various search and display networks.
  • Cybage helped manage paid search or SEM campaigns.
  • Cybage developed and implemented bid optimization and campaign management tools for search campaigns. These tools helped derive stronger returns on investment.
  • Cybage helped the client implement custom tag and data collectors to derive stronger insights into the marketing efficacy of its campaigns. The data collected was integrated with the client’s marketing platform and reporting solution.
  • The Cybage team helped develop robust Extract Transform Load (ETL), reporting, and analytics solutions using big data (Hadoop).

Business impact:

  • Operational efficiencies due to efficacy in platform operations
  • Faster turnaround time on projects and development
  • Business continuity and support through managed services

About the client:
The client is a leading global digital marketing agency with presence in arenas of search marketing, web development, social media, and mobile solutions serving large enterprises and new businesses alike.

Business need:

  • Creative services for development of websites
  • UX or UI services for wire framing and designing
  • Enablement of web content management using CMSs
  • Services for production assets development
  • Mobile app development
  • Third-party integrations services
  • Testing services

Solution offered:

  • Cybage provided website development services for various end clients using HTML 5, CSS, Responsive, and CMS-based themes for various brands.
  • Cybage helped set up brand microsites, landing pages, and websites, among others based on the client’s campaign needs.
  • Cybage implemented adver-games on social platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Google+, among others.
  • Cybage set up and implemented lead generation campaigns.
  • Cybage performed native app development on iOS and Android operating systems.
  • Cybage helped creation of production development assets –such as banner ads, digital assets, email templates, and print media content.  

Business impact:

  • Cybage helped augment the service portfolio of the client through resource and skill augmentation.
  • This in turn allowed the client to increase its service portfolio and execute multiple projects effectively increasing its top lines.
  • The cost advantage offered to the client enabled competitive pricing, resulting in more projects from various brands.
  • There was fast-paced development.
  • There were cost savings on various projects.
  • There was ability to offer one-stop solutions.

About the client: 
The client is a full service agency. One of the client’s end customer is a large retailor of pharmacy in the US. The client’s customer wanted to understand how its competitors were perceived by the market at large and undertake competitive analysis to better its marketing communication programs.

Business need:

  • Monitoring and understanding consumer conversations in social spaces around pharmacy and related client marketing programs and helping in strategizing future marketing initiatives
  • Acquiring an in-depth understanding of the current and the ongoing consumer conversations around client pharmacy, client pharmacy ‘broad’, and competitors
  • Identifying key influencers in social spaces specific to client pharmacy and its aforementioned programs
  • Gaining an understanding of how client pharmacy should integrate social spaces into its marketing efforts

Solution offered:

  • Cybage capitalized on Nielsen’s BuzzMetrics monitoring tool to quantify consumer conversation in social spaces and conduct analyst research to provide qualitative insights into the consumer conversation because it was related to various social forums for pharmacy.
  • Cybage had a two-tier approach for client pharmacy brand monitoring:
  1. Retail pharmacy industry specific conversation
  2. Broader client pharmacy conversation
  • Cybage focused primarily on conversations around client pharmacy because they were related to the Retail Pharmacy industry, taking into account the larger client pharmacy conversations as a reference point for context and potential opportunities.
  • The Cybage team developed a weekly report that provided the complete competitive landscape to the client and its customers.
  • The reports featured actionable insights for teams focused on marketing communication, customer care, sales, and marketing communication.

Business impact:

  • Cybage offered the client various conversation summaries that indicated how the pharmacy faired with competitors.
  • This exercise helped the client to define strategies and marketing messages for future campaigns.
  • Cybage offered reports and discussions scribes about deals and coupons, which could connect and make an impact with end consumers.
  • Cybage collected user data, processed it, and reported the data to the client pharmacy as to how it faired up against competitors on various social media platforms.
  • The reports helped the client to benchmark its current performance and gain actionable strategic insights from its competitors.

About the client:
The client is a leading global media investment management organization with focus on intelligent application of performance-enhancing activities that help in in-depth analysis of market spending and ensure better ROI

Business need:

  • Handling vast amount of data for statistical processing
  • Doing manual intervention for data cleansing and formatting
  • Executing product enhancements

Solution offered:

  • Cybage was involved in product engineering of the Ad ROI measurement and cross-channel attribution platform.
  • The major functionality of this tool was to optimize the media spend budget and campaign through forecasting (planned future investments), which helped analysts to decide the investments across geographies.
  • The product had the ability to display data aggregated by geography, brands, and time, among others. It helped agencies to run their businesses more efficiently and effectively by analyzing the trends for various Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • Cybage was involved in development and optimization of the database model used by the client.
  • Cybage performed data management of the entire system—data source integration, extract, transform, load, and data integrity.

Business impact:

  • Cybage reduced manual intervention for data cleansing.
  • Cybage improved data management activities. Data management services were a part of daily maintenance cycles and helped to keep the data up to date.
  • The client’s dashboard application was available with up-to-date data.
  • It provided an improved and user-friendly datamart (Extract Transform Load (ETL)) tool for usage by the advertising agencies.
  • It improved ROI monitoring and reporting.
  • It provided integration with third-party tools for data acquisition and ETL processing to be further displayed on the customer dashboards.


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