4 tech disrupting platforms using different ways to retain employees

— Deccan Chronicle


Present-day enterprises are curating an excellent working environment for their most valuable assets 

To prevent employees from departing for seemingly greener pastures, employers must hone their company culture – they need to create a unique, rewarding, and engaging work environment that cannot be found anywhere else. Being aware that the top talent would always hold the reigns of a company’s growth and longevity, present-day enterprises are curating an excellent working environment for perhaps their most valuable assets.

Cybage: Utilizing AI to help business leaders make better decisions

Decision making is perhaps the most crucial tasks for employees. In this age of digitization, we are constantly dwelling amidst information overload and the hard working business leaders could use a little help with the decision. This is where Pune-based Cybage steps in. With its data-driven framework Decision Mines, Cybage aids managers with machine learning and predictive analytics to make informed decisions, helping them leverage the art of judgment and science of data. However, during the genesis of this product, Cybage first extended the powerful platform to its very own employees. Empowering employees with cutting-edge technology and noticing wonderful results allowed Cybage to go ahead and make Decision Mines accessible to all.

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