City 2nd Most Risk-Prone for Datacenter Operations


​City-based IT experts feel that India and Pune have the potential to improve in the datacenter risk index. India was ranked second most risk-prone location for hosting datacentre operations beating only Brazil in safety standards in the annual Datacenter Risk Index 2013 survey released by Cushman & Wakefield along with hurleypalmerflatt and Source8.

Jagat Pal Singh, chief technology officer, Cybage Software Pvt Ltd, said, “Pune has good infrastructure. If we look at the long-term business, we have the required bandwidth. There are more people connecting in long-term prospective.” He said, “Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) is stable and much better when we compare it with local bodies at places like Hyderabad, Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata. Besides, Pune’s proximity to Mumbai and low-cost of labour, place it in much better position as compared to the other major IT hubs.”

Singh feels that as Pune has the potential to make its mark in the country, he has ranked Pune on third position after Mumbai and Bangalore. Pune being the education hub gives it an edge over other cities.