City Companies Go the Noble Way to Celebrate Christmas

— Sakal Times

Various city-based companies are planning to throw a Christmas bash for their employees on Thursday, while some firms have planned to celebrate Christmas with underprivileged kids at their premises.
Elston Pimenta, Head, HR, Cybage Software, said many of its employees will be celebrating Christmas with underprivileged children at the company premises. This initiative is part of ‘CybageAsha’, the corporate social responsibility wing of Cybage Software, he said. The company will be also holding its event ‘Cybage annual bash’, Pimenta said. “We encourage employees to play ‘Secret Santa’, to their fellow Cybagians, wherein gifts are given and received. To bring smiles to the lives of the less fortunate CybageAsha will also be giving donations to ten Pune-based charitable organisations as part of its festivities.” Pimenta said.